Bridging The Age Gap

Sugar dating relationships most often involve an arrangement between an older sugar daddy and a younger sugar baby. In most cases, the age gap can be considerable, and this can be a source of friction, if not outright conflict. Of course, it is entirely possible for a relationship between an older sugar daddy and a younger sugar baby to be harmonious and stress-free, but challenging moments are to be expected, at least once in a while. In this article, we cover the different ways by which the age-gap can cause friction and how you could possibly deal with these situations.

Older partner challenges

As an older sugar daddy, you are likely set in your ways in many aspects of your life. You could have some very definitive ideas on social norms and conventions, lifestyles, and even politics. Any and all of these can be potential sources of conflict between you and your sugar baby.

In many of these age-related differences, changing your opinion in order to accommodate a younger sugar baby is not only difficult, but unreasonable and unacceptable as well. You are who you are, and you should not have to change yourself to accommodate someone else, not should you apologize for it. Unless your opinions and general outlook in life are unreasonably rigid, discriminatory, or bigoted, we can only encourage you to be yourself and to find a partner that will accept you for who you are.

The age divide

The world can be quite a bewildering place for an older person. Rapid developments and changes in culture and society can throw you for a loop, particularly if you now find yourself frequently in the company of someone who is much younger than you are. The age divide can manifest itself in many different ways. You may find your sugar baby’s choice in music or social activity unpleasant and/or intolerable. You may also find it difficult to understand why she makes certain decisions, or why she has opted for certain lifestyle choices.

Keeping in mind the need to retain your own personality and opinions, it might be beneficial for you to make an attempt toward more openness and understanding. The word today is much different from when it was twenty–or even just ten–years ago, and this is where you now find yourself in, for better or worse. Try to keep an open mind and leave the door open to new experiences, and you might just find that it has a place for you yet.

Youthful thinking

One of the most helpful qualities to have when dealing with a younger sugar baby is the ability to maintain a youthful outlook. This is most often down to a continuing interest in new ideas and experiences, rather than any inherent limitations in age itself. Someone who is in his late-40s may be hopelessly stuck in his ways, while someone in his 60s may still have an unquenchable thirst for life and all the wonderful new experiences that it brings.

While there is little that you can do to change who you are, it might be helpful to at least make an effort to give the ‘new’ a chance. Think back to something that interested you in your younger years. Chances are that it still exists today, and that there are still many people that are interested in the same thing. You could then focus your efforts on finding a sugar baby that shares the same interests.

Serving the role of guide and mentor

You might be surprised to find that a number of younger people are open to what you as an older person can share as well. Even older music, books, or films can still be relevant, and you could serve as your sugar baby’s guide to the classics. Between concerts, musical performances, libraries, theaters, museums, DVDs, and more, there are literally dozens of opportunities by which you and your sugar baby can enjoy common interests.

Playing the role of eager learner

The process of education can go the other way as well. You can learn just as much from a sugar baby with a broad range of interests, and you may find yourself learning some new things that you did not know even existed. You may also be able to find someone who is willing to serve as your tutor or instructor in some activity or physical or mental pursuit that you were always interested in, but never got around to pursuing. Few things can be as rewarding and as enjoyable as developing some new talent or cultivating a new interest later in life. Being able to embark on such a period of learning and discovery could only be more exciting with the right sugar baby.

The middle ground

As with most aspects of a relationship, compromise could be an ideal solution when nothing else will do. You don’t necessarily have to enjoy or engage in the same things all the time. You could simply take turns doing what each of you enjoy, as long as it is not too objectionable to either partner. You could agree to go dancing on one date for example, and then to have a quiet dinner the next. You could also agree to enjoy each other’s preferred activities separately, and simply enjoy each other’s company when you are together.

Accepting the age difference

One thing that we have to emphasize above all else is the need to be your own person. While we would encourage you to try to be more flexible and accommodating with regard to finding shared interests with your sugar baby, it is probably not a good idea to go to the extent of changing your personality. Your sugar baby should ideally accept you for who you are, and your age is likely to influence a huge part of who you are as a person. Try to keep an open mind by all means and to find enjoyment in new experiences and new ideas. But always make sure to retain that part of you that makes you a unique individual.

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