Commitment: How Far Are You Willing To Go?

Sugar dating relationships are about as different from romance-based relationships as anything can be. Based on mutual need and financial necessity rather than love or affection, they seemingly have very little similarity to traditional romantic relationships.

Nevertheless, sugar dating actually does have a number of factors in common with the more typical relationships shared between men and women. They often involve shared interests, some degree of attraction, and oftentimes, a certain level of commitment. In fact, commitment is one of the most significant commonalities between sugar dating and romantic relationships.

Commitment itself varies in degree and how it is manifested. In some sugar dating relationships, the level of commitment is akin to that of a business relationship, in which services have a definite monetary value. Other sugar dating arrangements are not so strictly defined, with sugar daddies providing their sugar babies with a place to live, perhaps a car, and some other perks, in exchange for companionship.

Your commitment level

When embarking on a sugar dating relationship, one of the first things you will have to figure out is just how committed you are to making it work. The level of commitment you devote to a relationship is often directly proportional to the satisfaction and enjoyment that you derive from it.

Think about it: with all other factors being equal, do you think that you will have more success with a sugar dating relationship if you work hard to maintain harmony and affection compared to if you just let it run its course?

It is usually much easier to decide to be committed to a partner before the fact. In the heady days of the early relationship period, you are probably infatuated with your sugar baby and passions can run high. It is then easy to think that you will be able to weather all storms and make it through the rough spots unscathed. But this is often an unrealistic picture of relationship dynamics, and it the reality is often much harsher and more challenging.

Commitment and expectations

In order to determine the most appropriate degree of commitment to devote to a relationship, it might be helpful to figure out just what you expect out of it. Are you looking for a partner who will be with you through thick and thin and love you despite all your faults? Or are you after a more casual relationship which could end at any time with no major drama on your part? Figuring out which of these scenarios appeals to you the most will help you determine how much work you should put into the relationship in order to make it work.

Committing yourself financially

Of course, there is no getting around the fact that your commitment essentially involves a promise to support your sugar baby financially. That is your most fundamental responsibility as a sugar daddy, and that is about the extent of most sugar dating relationships. If you are remiss in your obligations, your sugar baby is likely to become dissatisfied with the arrangement and look for better prospects. At that point, you will essentially be living on borrowed time, and it is only a matter of time before the relationship comes to an end.

Your sugar baby’s role

Your sugar baby will have to devote a certain degree of commitment as well. Ideally, you will want a sugar baby that will be understanding and sympathetic, even during the occasional trouble periods that will inevitably come up. You don’t want a sugar baby that will bail out on the relationship at the least sign of trouble or who will constantly harangue you for missing out on the occasional allowance.

You do have to understand that many sugar babies will be totally reliant on their sugar daddy to provide for their financial needs. But someone that constantly has her hand out while providing little affection and attention in return is not someone that you want to be in a relationship with for any length of time.

Have a talk with your sugar baby early on and determine just how much you are both willing to put into the relationship. Don’t be too demanding or too judgmental, and give your sugar baby a chance to express her goals and sentiments. Even if your sugar baby isn’t willing to make the same degree of commitment as you are, it is still possible for you to enjoy some time together. What you will have to do then is to simply match her level of commitment or to accept that you are more committed to the relationship than she will ever be.

When your commitment fails to get results

There may be cases wherein, despite your best efforts to make things work, the relationship simply isn’t providing you the satisfaction that you want. This could be either due to a change in the degree of commitment that one or both partners wish to make, or it may be the result of a change in priorities. In any case, you will have to be prepared for the possibility of you or your sugar baby wanting out of the relationship, regardless of the level of commitment that you promised to each other at the start. Given that scenario, your only options are to renew your efforts to make the relationship work or to simply agree to call it quits.

On the losing end

One of the worst mistakes you can make in a sugar dating relationship is to play the part of the martyr, with your commitment being largely unreciprocated by an ungrateful and/or selfish sugar baby. If you constantly find yourself having to give in to her or acceding to her wishes without getting anything in return, you are probably the victim in an exploitative or abusive relationship.

There is absolutely no reason why you should put up with a sugar baby that refuses to match your level of commitment to the relationship. There are many other sugar babies out there that will be more than willing to provide for your needs, so don’t feel as if you owe it to your sugar baby to stay even if you aren’t happy and satisfied.

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