How I Got Over My Fear Of Sugar Dating

For most people that I have just recently met, it may seem as if I was tailor-made for the sugar dating lifestyle. From the outside, it may look like I exude confidence, self-assurance, swag…all of which are qualities that would be beneficial to any sugar daddy.

Contrary to appearances however, sugar dating isn’t something that came naturally to me. I had never felt very comfortable with members of the opposite sex, and the years of adolescence to adulthood were filled with episodes of awkwardness and social ineptness. I did have a few girlfriends in high school and then in college, but I married young and didn’t really have a chance to “play the field”.

When my wife and I divorced after 25 years of marriage, I was a bit at a loss, to say the least. I had no idea how to even begin putting together a semblance of a relationship, much less a romantic life. I had no clue how to go about meeting women, and it seems that I was at a dead end.

It was then that I stumbled upon the possibility of becoming a sugar daddy after a chance encounter with a friend that had already had a few sugar dating relationships under his belt. It took some doing on his part, but I eventually warmed up to the idea that becoming a sugar daddy might just be the ideal alternative for me.

Not an easy decision

I didn’t make the decision to become a sugar daddy overnight of course–far from it. In fact, a few days passed after meeting up with my friend and I had all but forgotten about sugar daddies and sugar babies and everything else related to that lifestyle entirely. I hadn’t even considered becoming a sugar daddy for a second after I found out that was what he was.

But that meeting with my friend somehow planted a seed within me as I was to find out later. Although becoming a sugar daddy was the furthest thing from my mind before we met–and our encounter did little to change that–the thought began to grow and gnaw away at me. Seeing him so happy and fulfilled and filled with a youthful vigor and energy got me thinking how I was to get to that same stage in my life as well.

What sealed the deal

The clincher was that winter was coming up, and I dreaded the thought of spending all those cold and dreary nights alone all by myself. I had a number of social engagements planned over the course of the next few months, and the idea of going to them solo was even less appealing.

It was then that I decided to give my friend a call and let him know that I was considering taking the same path myself. What did I have to lose right? Even if I later found out that I wasn’t cut out to become a sugar daddy, at least I would have known what it was like before rejecting the idea outright.

Getting started

My buddy helpfully hooked me up with a couple of ladies that were friends of other women that he had gone out with in the past. I did have a nice first encounter with one of them, and will probably make a date for another meet up in the near future. However, what I really wanted to do was to strike out on my own and to find a sugar baby on my own terms.

Thankfully, my buddy had also clued me in on a couple of sugar dating websites that he had tried before, one of which was where he met his current sugar baby. They were both well-established sites with excellent reputations for reliability and trustworthiness, so I was fairly assured of having a favorable experience.

You should be aware that I wasn’t yet totally comfortable with the idea of becoming a sugar daddy at this time. I still had a few doubts in my mind, because I hadn’t actually gotten started yet. But along with the lingering doubts and trepidation, I was also feeling a distinct sense of excitement. It had been many years since I had been “on the prowl”, and I have to say that I was beginning to look forward to the prospect of meeting some hot young women!

Getting it done

What followed next was the typical process that most anyone that has gone the sugar daddy route would be well-familiar with by now: setting up a user profile, sending out ‘feeler’ messages, exchanging more detailed messages, arranging face-to-face meetings, and so on. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I have to emphasize the importance of diligence and planning throughout every stage of this initial process. Trust me: you don’t want to leave anything to chance, and the time and effort you take now will save a lot of hassle later on.

Not all the sugar babies that I was able to ‘lure in’ turned out to be “The One”. In fact, I didn’t even maintain contact with all of the ladies that I initially connected with. This was to be expected, and I did have realistic expectations of what was going to happen after I sent feelers out. What I understood early on is that sugar dating isn’t a perfect science, and what works for one person–my friend, in this instance–isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone else.

Getting lucky

Nonetheless, I did manage to meet with a terrific young woman, and we are now in the final stages of formalizing our sugar dating arrangement together. Surprisingly, the path to sugar daddy-hood was a fairly smooth and drama-free one for me, although I’m sure that this isn’t always the case. I have no doubt that the journey can be a bit more challenging for some, possibly even for myself, if and when I do have the need to embark on another sugar dating relationship.

In any case, I hope my story of how I was able to overcome my hesitation to become a sugar daddy will serve as an inspiration to anyone who is looking to embark on a similar adventure.

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