Living The Life Of A Sugar Baby

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a sugar baby? Paige (not her real name) certainly has. But unlike most people that did nothing about it, she went beyond wondering and actually became one. For almost seven years now, Paige has been a bonafide member of the sugar dating community, as a sugar baby for a few different sugar daddies.

Looking at Paige now, you wouldn’t think that she has been a sugar baby for that long…if at all. A fresh-faced beauty with a girl-next-door charm and easygoing disposition, the 26-year-old seems even younger than her age. She also has a warm and genuinely friendly nature, with no sign of the cynical and hardened edge that one would expect from a veteran of the sugar dating scene.

And Paige definitely has seen her share of action. Having dipped into the sugar dating pool at the tender age of 19, she went through a rocky couple of years before hitting her stride and settling into the lifestyle. As she said herself: “My initial foray into the sugar dating lifestyle was…less than ideal, to say the least. But I quickly learned what I wanted out of the experience and to make sure that it would be advantageous to me.”

Read on to find out the rest of Paige’s story in her own words.


“I was born into a large (five kids, of which I am the second eldest) and somewhat conservative Midwestern family. I wouldn’t say that we had a strict upbringing, but there was definitely a bit of focus on morality and decency. Needless to say, my decision to become a sugar baby wasn’t exactly a cause for celebration as far as my parents were concerned! Even so, they’ve since come around to accepting it, and I’d like to think that I continue to uphold the values my parents instilled in us.”

Discovery of the sugar dating lifestyle

“I learned about sugar dating from my friend Enid, who was my roommate in college. She had decided to take a couple of semesters off as the pressure of working her way through college was wearing on her. She later told me that she had found herself a sugar daddy, and he was more than happy to support her even after she went back to school.”

“I’ll admit the idea of being a sugar baby to an older man turned me off at first. But seeing Enid happy and fulfilled–and able to pursue her goals–gradually warmed me up to the idea.”


“One of my biggest issues with the entire sugar dating arrangement was that it seemed to me to be too uncomfortably close to prostitution. I’m no saint, but being someone that men paid to keep them company was not what my parents brought me up to be!”

“But a couple of things gradually led me to believe that it might not be as bad as I thought.  For one thing, Enid’s sugar daddy Jeff was an absolute gentleman. He always treated her kindly and with respect, and he was always gracious and accommodating. He also never treated her as being less than him, which scored big points in my book.”

Taking the plunge

“After a couple more years, I was poised to graduate myself. The economy then was in the tank and I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to pursue a career in the area that my education prepared me for. So I basically had a college education and not much to show for it, plus no real prospects. Enid (who was with another sugar daddy by then) had been hounding me to find my own sugar daddy for years, and I finally gave it some serious thought. Her new beau–Matt–was also a sweetheart, and it just so happened that he had a buddy who was looking for a sugar baby as well. So with still a little bit of reluctance on my part, I took the plunge.”

A rocky start

“My first experience as a sugar baby began pleasantly enough at first. Cal was a quiet and gentle guy in his mid-50s, and he was certainly nice–actually too nice, as I quickly bored of the arrangement. All he ever wanted to do was to stay home and watch old movies! Now, I like the classics just as much as anyone, but I wanted more out of life. After serving notice that it wasn’t working out for me (Cal was expectedly nice about ending the arrangement), I quickly found another sugar daddy.”

“Chris was the total opposite of Cal. He wasn’t that much younger than Cal, but he was a bit of a firebrand and a party animal who definitely wasn’t interested in acting his age! With Chris, it was party after party all the time or spending hours hopping from club to club and from bar to bar.”

“Strangely, Chris wasn’t into intimacy at all, and I sensed that he didn’t really consider me a partner as much as some bimbo to have around him constantly. Needless to say, that arrangement didn’t last long.”

Getting the hang of it

“The next couple of sugar daddies were nothing special. Not quite as boring as good ole Cal, but not as wild as Chris either. Just sort of…there. I had about given up hope on finding any satisfaction in being a sugar baby until I met Don.”

“At 60 years old, Don was a bit older than my other sugar daddies. Even so, he had a charming and joyful personality that instantly put me at ease. He was also incredibly caring and attentive, and he always made me feel as if I was important to him. I’ve since moved on to other sugar daddies since, but the time I spent with Don was definitely the high point of my life as a sugar baby.”

Advice to the curious

Paige has this to share to anyone curious about the sugar dating lifestyle: “If you’re young and unattached, there are far worse things you could do than to become a sugar baby. I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone, but it could be an interesting and rewarding way to spend a couple of months or years. Take all precautions, keep yourself protected at all times, and know who and what you are getting into, and you might just have some wonderful memories to look back on when you get older!”

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