Moving On From A Sugar Dating Relationship

There is a saying that goes: “The only thing constant in life is change”. This is especially applicable to sugar dating relationships, which aren’t exactly known for their permanence. Apart from a few cases (which are far fewer than you think), most such relationships come to an end sooner or later. Rarely do such arrangements last for years, and the few that do will likely transform into an entirely different type of relationship by that point.

That fact of the matter is that sugar dating relationships by their very nature are impermanent. Given the businesslike nature of the arrangement, there is little chance that it will go the distance in the same manner as a typical romance-based relationship. If you do decide to take on a sugar baby, you will simply have to accept the probability that you will have to move on at some point.

Seeing the difference in every situation

The decision of whether or not to move on is a tricky thing. Not everyone is governed by the same set of circumstances, and one man’s reason to move on could simply be another’s rough patch. No one can really tell you that it is time to move on–or to see the relationship through–apart from yourself.

Even in your own relationships, circumstances can differ as well. Each individual scenario could lead you to a completely different set of actions and decisions. Something that may cause you to walk out the door one day may simply encourage you to try harder to save the relationship the next. You should therefore treat each situation as unique, and make a thorough assessment as to whether or not moving on is in your best interests at that particular point in time.

Different ways of “moving on”

How exactly does one “move on”? What does moving on really involve? Again, each person has his own way of moving on from a relationship that no longer gives him joy, fulfillment, or satisfaction. Some sugar daddies may opt to give up sugar dating entirely, while others may jump right back into the ring with renewed vigor. Others may choose to be more prudent about their choice in sugar babies, while others seemingly go on a frenzied quest to try out as many different sugar babies as they can find.

One thing that most people that decide to move on have in common is a desire to make a perceptible difference in their lives. This often involves cutting off all contact with the sugar baby and getting on with the rest of their lives. For those that resort to this decision, it is of tremendous importance to make a major change and to get on with life, preferably without the baggage from the past.

Weighing the decision

If you find yourself wrestling with the possibility of moving on, there are probably a number of factors that have led you to this point. It could be a sense of dissatisfaction that has been building over time, or it could be a sudden realization that the relationship simply isn’t working out for you.

Regardless of how you arrived at this point, it might be a good idea to weigh your decision carefully. This is especially advisable if you have been with your sugar baby for a considerable amount of time. Any relationship involves a degree of personal investment, and you will likely have to start over from scratch if you choose to put an end to your current relationship.

That being said, it is just as important to trust your instincts, particularly when they are telling you that you are being taken advantage of. No matter how invested you are in the relationship, your primary goal should be to look after your best interests at all times.

Saving the relationship

Of course, it is possible that the relationship is simply going through a rough patch. If you have reached the point wherein you can’t easily let go of your partner, there is a chance that the relationship is worth saving. In this case, a heart-to-heart talk may be the best thing to do. If you can clear the air and talk things out rationally and maturely, you may be able to come to some sort of agreement.

When it is time to move on

That being said, it is entirely possible that the relationship has run its course, whether you have enjoyed many happy years together or you have been through the wringer of a disastrous whirlwind of a relationship. Irreconcilable differences and widely divergent life views are valid reasons to go your own separate ways, as are emotional or physical abuse, neglect, and loss of respect for one another.

It is especially imperative to shut the door on the relationship if your partner commits some serious offense such as stealing from you, having you pay for a place where she lives with someone else, and so on. In such cases, you are clearly being played for a fool, and there is absolutely no reason why you should continue to be used in that manner.

When it comes to an end

Not every relationship has to end in a big dramatic blowup with you slamming the door in your sugar baby’s face or throwing her out in the street. In fact, in most cases, it is actually a much better option to talk about your decision in a calm and rational manner without getting too heated or emotional about it. If you have already weighed the decision thoroughly–rather than acting in the heat of the moment–you will hopefully have enough restraint and perspective to keep cool throughout the process of communicating your decision to end the relationship.

Be firm and don’t be swayed by emotion, but be as considerate and conciliatory as possible as well. If at all possible, express your desire to part as friends, but make it absolutely clear that you are definite about moving on and that she will have to accept that things are over between you two.

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