Secret Benefits: Sugar Daddies That Have Made It Work

We’ve all heard stories of sugar dating relationships gone bad, with sugar daddies having been victimized by predatory sugar babies or vice versa. With so many horrific accounts of scammers, manipulative partners, and more, most people can hardly be blamed for wanting nothing to do with sugar dating.

But things aren’t always as bad as the stories would suggest. For every negative occurrence that goes on in the sugar dating world, there are at least as many that result in happy and satisfying relationships. Particularly in established sugar dating sites that have a reputable clientele, the number of happy endings tends to outnumber the soured relationships by a considerable margin.

Take the case of One of the most popular sugar dating websites on the scene, it has racked up an impressive number of successful matchups, many of which have gone on to become successful relationships. With so many sugar daddies having found their ideal partner via the site, we thought it would be encouraging to let you know their stories.

Dylan Mackey

58 years old, tax consultant

Dylan hadn’t had a lot of experience with sugar dating prior to trying out After going through a pleasant enough relationship with a sugar baby from another site, he was inspired to try out upon the recommendation of a friend. It was there that he met his current paramour, Cindy.

“The first sugar dating relationship I had was a fairly positive experience, which only ended because I wanted to meet other people” said Dylan. “I was therefore eager to see what had to offer, and it was there that I met Cindy.”

After having benefit together for two years, Dylan has now put his search on hold, although he says he will probably look for another sugar baby after his current relationship runs its course.

Brent Stahl

56 years old, structural engineer

Brent didn’t have a lot of experience with sugar dating either, although he did make the rounds of the singles circuit for many years. After a painful divorce from his wife of 20 years, Brent bounced from one relationship to another only to end up feeling stifled and dissatisfied every time. It was then that he decided to try out sugar dating, and found out what he was missing all along.

“After seeing several women in the years after my divorce, I realized that I wasn’t really interested in being in a ‘serious’ relationship”, said Brent. “I did crave companionship, but I wasn’t that keen on the whole commitment thing.”

“Sugar dating provided me with the ideal solution, addressing my need for companionship while giving me the freedom to see other people if I wished,” he went on. “At some point in the future, I may want to settle down and have a more permanent relationship. But for now, my sugar baby is all I need to keep me happy!”

Steve Cummings

49 years old, corporate attorney

Steve is sort of a special case, in that he was especially focused on keeping his sugar dating activities a secret. As a high profile corporate attorney in a large multinational firm, Steve deals with many prominent and equally high profile clients, many of who might take a dim view of his sugar dating lifestyle. He is therefore especially careful about protecting his privacy.

“I was kind of hesitant to dive into the sugar dating pool given the somewhat conservative nature of the industry in which I worked,” said Steve. “But I had no inclination to prowl the singles’ bars, and had little time for a serious relationship. Sugar dating gives me the chance to enjoy the companionship of a beautiful young woman without the baggage of a traditional relationship.”

Devin Monroe

54 years old, restaurateur 

In contrast to all the aforementioned sugar daddies, Devin actually has a lot of experience with sugar dating. Married for only a short time during his early 20s, much of his adulthood was spent dating a variety of women that he met via common friends and in social settings. When the sugar dating industry took off in a big way several years ago, he was right at the forefront of the burgeoning trend.

“I was already ‘sugar dating’ even before it was a recognized industry,” said Devin. “I had had maybe three or four relationships with younger women that I supported financially in varying degrees before sugar dating websites became widespread on the Internet. When sites such as came along, I was happy to have the opportunity to pick and choose sugar babies as I pleased, all from the convenience of my computer.”

Frank Sorvino

66 years old, retired orthodontist

Perhaps the most encouraging story is that of Frank. A widower who lost his wife to a lingering disease a little more than five years ago, Frank was all set to spend the rest of his life alone until a well-meaning friend convinced him to try sugar dating.

“I missed my wife terribly when she passed, and I getting into another relationship was the last thing I wanted to do,” he said. “But I was also very lonely, and I was getting more and more depressed by the day. A good friend of mine convinced me to try out sugar dating, and with his help, I met a wonderful lady named Eleanor online.”

“Eleanor is quite a bit younger than me, but she has a maturity that goes well beyond her years,” said Frank. “Her kindness and compassion made me realize that there was still plenty of life left to enjoy, and I have never been as happy and fulfilled since my wife passed away.”

These are only some of the sugar dating stories that have turned out to have happy endings. Like these sugar daddies, you too can find the ideal sugar baby for you. If you have been wondering what it is like to have a young and beautiful woman by your side, now is as good a time as any to try out sugar dating.

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