What Being A Sugar Baby Is Really Like

In many ways, sugar dating actually shares a lot of similarities with romance-based relationships. Although most people that haven’t had experience with sugar dating tend to have preconceived notions about the dynamics and the nature of such relationships, they are so often based on personal perception rather than facts. The truth is that–just like romantic relationships–expectations of sugar dating relationships are often far from reality.

Take the case of Margot as an example. Once fearfully reluctant to even consider the idea of having a sugar daddy, she has since come around to realizing that it is actually a feasible way to achieve specific life goals. While there was a time when becoming a sugar baby was the furthest thing from her mind, she has since become a willing member of the sugar dating community, and she couldn’t be any happier or more fulfilled.

Margot is now 28 years old, and she has been a sugar baby for seven years. Here’s her story in her own words.


“I was born to an artistic and literary family in southern California. As far back as I could remember I was always surrounded by art and music and books at home. My father was a professor of history and a published author, and my mother had also written a number of plays and short stories. I was the youngest of three children, and both my older brothers were into music and the arts.”

“Growing up, it was somehow assumed that I would follow in my family’s footsteps as well. After high school, I enrolled in creative writing and took some journalism courses on the side. It seemed that I was well on my way to becoming a journalist or a fiction writer.”

Finding herself

“I was only a couple of semesters shy of my degree when I began to feel the urge to try something different. All my life, I had been working toward what I assumed was my goal, which was a career in literature. But as I got closer to achieving my goal, I had the overwhelming sense that I was meant for something else entirely. I was still interested in writing, but I felt that I had to gain some life experiences in order to have some substance to my work.”

“My parents understood fully well what I was going through, and they very generously offered to treat me to a summer in Europe in order to help me ‘find myself’. Like so many other young people before me, I spent a fabulous couple of months exploring and getting to know the world outside my own borders.”

Introduction to sugar dating

“While I was in Paris, I met another American girl named Sherry. She had been working in various cafes for a couple of years, but had been lucky enough to meet an older French gentleman who was absolutely smitten with her. Francois was many years older than her, but he was keen on having her stay in Paris–so much so that he offered to pay rent on a flat, and even provide for her living expenses.”

“I had heard about such arrangements before, but didn’t really know too much about them. I actually had the idea that being a sugar baby was pretty much like being a kept woman, or a prostitute, to put it in less savory terms.”

A change of heart

“But Sherry didn’t strike me at all as the type that would simply agree to being a stay-at-home sugar baby. She was fiercely independent and had an ambitious streak that made it clear that she was after bigger and better things. Based on our many conversations, I knew that she planned to open up a cafe on her own, and she was far from the image of the typical sugar baby that simply waited hand and foot on her man. It was then that I began to seriously consider the idea of becoming a sugar baby myself.”

Getting into the game

“After I went back to the states, I began to learn more about the sugar dating lifestyle and how a woman like me could work such a situation to her advantage. I learned that many women my age actually saw it as a way to support themselves while working toward a more permanent long-term goal. I realized then that I could become a sugar baby without compromising who I was as a person and without giving up on my goals.”

A rough start

“I have to admit I had sort of a rough start as a sugar baby. The first replies I got on my profile at a sugar dating site were from men that I wouldn’t be caught dead with in public. A couple of them were definitely of the sleazebag variety, and they made no secret of wanting to get me in bed as soon as possible. Needless to say, I ceased all communications with those creeps immediately!”

Finding her bearings

“As I got more familiar with the sugar dating scene, I developed the ability to weed out the sleazebags and to pick out legitimate sugar daddies that I actually could have a future with. I went on a couple of dates with a few nice ones before meeting James.”

“James was everything I could have hoped for in a sugar daddy: gentlemanly, kind, and attentive. It also helped that he was quite wealthy, although I wouldn’t have kept on seeing him if he wasn’t so nice as well. After a few dates, it was obvious that we were hitting it off pretty well, and I soon agreed to be his sugar baby.”


“I spent two wonderful years with James before deciding to part ways amicably. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple more great sugar daddies since then, and am currently with a really great guy named Walter. I’ve since come to accept my role as a sugar baby and really wouldn’t trade places with anyone else. For those thinking of becoming one, my advice is to make sure you know what you are getting into, and to take the time to find someone who will really care for you and have your best interests in mind.”

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