Sugar Dating: When Children Are Involved

Even with all the potential complications that can come up within a sugar dating relationship, things can become even trickier when children are part of the picture. If you thought that having a sugar baby is a challenge now, wait until you have to explain her to your children!

There is a good chance that your children will not be as understanding or as supportive about your new relationship as you need them to be, particularly if they are at a very young age. Understand that your children expect you and their mother to be together forever, and to have someone new in your life is likely to cause a certain degree of upheaval.

The situation may be especially difficult if your separation from your wife was messy, as in the case of a divorce. In such a scenario, your children may receive your new relationship with outright hostility.

Sugar dating and its implications for your children

As your relationship with your sugar baby develops and becomes more serious, you will likely want to include here in more and more areas of your life. An encounter with your children then becomes more and more inevitable.

Of course, this might not be an ideal course of action. If your children are still coming to terms with your recent separation or divorce from their mother, now is probably not a good time to introduce your sugar baby to them. In such a tenuous situation, such a drastic development might cause even more stress and conflict, and the fallout can be disastrous.

Now, we understand how any sugar daddy who is at all serious about his new relationship will want to share his joy with the other members of his family. If you have been responsible in the other areas of your life, it isn’t really fair on you to have to conceal this new relationship if you aren’t doing anything wrong. Walking on eggshells and keeping a secret is no way to live, and this is likely to place considerable stress on you as well.

Even so, it is important to realize that your children should be the first priority in your life, even more than your own personal happiness and freedom. While your children are still at the developmental stage, your responsibility to ensure their well-being should take priority over everything else, including your right to enjoy a new relationship.

Having your sugar baby meet your children

If after weighting all the implications you still decide to have your sugar baby meet your children, there are still many other factors to consider. How will you introduce your sugar baby? Do you say that she is merely a friend or that she is now a permanent part of your life? How will you explain all the time that you will be spending together from now on? The answers will vary depending on the ages of your children and their ability to understand, and the situation will require a lot of thought and consideration.

When things become troublesome

Despite your best efforts to smoothen out the meeting and to take the feelings of your children into consideration, you should still have to be prepared for the possibility of things going sour. Your children may find that they are unable to handle the reality of a new person in your life, or they may take a dislike to your sugar baby on sight.

Once again, you should prioritize your children’s feelings above all else. Don’t force the issue and give them time to warm up to your sugar baby in their own time. In the worst case scenario, you may even have to give up hope of trying to get them to accept your sugar baby and simply leave well enough alone.

Finding a solution

If you do feel that time is all it will take in order for your children to accept your sugar baby, proceed with caution. Don’t rush them into accepting her and under no circumstances should you resent or berate them for not being more friendly or affectionate. Remember, it is you who is introducing an unfamiliar new element into a familiar scenario, so you should go the extra mile in making sure that you aren’t causing any emotional distress.

You might start out by introducing your children and your sugar baby on “neutral grounds” in a public place near their home. A park or some other open area is a good idea, in order to avoid the potential embarrassment that may arise from a “scene”. Having the meeting take place near where they live will also enable you to get them home quickly if things turn out to be a disaster. This gives you all the benefit of avoiding an interminable and uncomfortable ride back home.

It is probably not a good idea to bring your sugar baby to the house where your children live, even if it is your home as well. Children can be quite territorial, and having a strange new woman enter the home in which their mother once lived might prove to be too traumatic, and there is an increased risk of a hostile reception.

Easing into the situation

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of taking things slowly and easing your children into the situation. You should also have a talk with your sugar baby and explain to her that she probably shouldn’t be too chummy or act too familiar with your children, especially if they are reluctant to accept your new relationship. Short meetings at a time are preferable, and always leave your children an opening by which they can make a graceful exit on their own terms.

Having your children meet your sugar baby is always a tricky thing, and there is no guarantee that the scenario will go as smoothly as planned. But if you treat your children with patience, kindness, love, understanding, and the respect that they deserve, they will be much more likely to respect your need for a new relationship in return. Play your cards right, and your children may learn to accept your new sugar baby in time.

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