Sugar Dating: Finding Common Ground

In any relationship, the need to find common ground bet both partners is one of the most important factors. Any relationship involves a certain degree of compromise, and both partners will have to find a middle ground wherein the needs and desires of each are met.

This is the case with sugar dating relationships as well. At its most basic, sugar dating arrangements involve the sugar daddy paying for the financial needs of the sugar baby. The actual cost varies, as does the purpose for which the money will be used. But that is the basis for practically all sugar dating relationships.

But both partners will have their own sets of expectations as well. This is where it is essential to find a middle ground. A sugar daddy may expect his partner to make herself available to him on a periodic basis for example, while sugar babies may expect their sugar daddies to provide care, affection, and emotional support in addition to paying the bills.

Conflict may arise if the needs of one or both partners aren’t met. There may also be a degree of misunderstanding with regard to how these needs will be accommodated, or the extent of the responsibilities of each partner.

Defining the “common ground”

“Common ground” essentially means a place of balance; a harmonious state of the relationship wherein each partner is happy, fulfilled and satisfied. That is the ideal scenario in any relationship, and it is one that partners should strive towards. Sugar daddies and sugar babies in a relationship wherein this balance has been achieved have a number of activities and interests that they can enjoy together, and they basically look forward to enjoying each other’s company.

Of course, not every relationship is a perfect fit. Having the idea that common ground entails being a perfect match for each other is unreasonable, and will likely only end in frustration. But even partners of seemingly divergent ages, interests, and backgrounds can find common ground, and it doesn’t necessarily have to entail a great deal of friction and hard work to achieve.

Age-appropriate conduct

When determining wherein the common ground lies, one of the most challenging obstacles that most sugar dating couples face is the age difference. Sugar daddies are generally older than their partners, and in most cases, the difference can be considerable.

This doesn’t normally cause any issues, particularly if the sugar baby is aware of how old her sugar daddy is and she accepts the fact. But some older sugar daddies may feel the need to “go down” to “the level” of their sugar babies in terms of age. This can manifest itself in many different ways including dressing in tight-fitting and/or vividly colored or patterned clothing, dyeing their hair, wearing flashy accessories, and so on.

While it is not our place to tell anyone how to dress or act, we would like to at least bring up the possibility that trying to look younger by wearing youthful clothes and flashy accessories may not necessarily be the best way to go about meeting your sugar baby halfway. You might instead consider wearing age-appropriate clothing that fits smartly and is stylish without being too staid and boring. A style update may be in order, and you may find that your sugar baby is more appreciative of a man that dresses stylishly–but appropriately–rather than someone who embarrasses himself by wearing Hot Topic clothing!

Even riskier than wearing age-inappropriate clothing is engaging in overly-strenuous physical activities and even dangerous pursuits. Unless you have and continue to maintain a rigorously active lifestyle, there is a good chance that your days of scaling a sheer cliff wall or swooping down the side of a mountain in a hang-glider are long behind you. That being the case, it might be best to find common ground with your sugar baby in a way that involves much less risk of injury or discomfort.

Finding common interests

With two open-minded and adventurous partners, there are literally dozens of activities and interests that can be enjoyed together. Think about what initially attracted you to your partner in the first place. If it is some passion or life pursuit that caught your eye, that might be something that you two can enjoy together.

You could also open yourself up to the possibility of discovering something that neither of you thought of before. The joy of discovery is one of the most rewarding aspects of a sugar dating relationship. Finding a common interest that you two could share will only make your relationship that much stronger.

Opening yourself up to new experiences

It would help tremendously to keep an open mind and to maintain that natural desire and curiosity for new experiences. Many older men are unfortunately hesitant to try out new things, and this is so often unnecessarily restrictive and limiting. Let your sugar baby be your guide to new and undiscovered delights! The experience of finding out about something new is bound to be an interesting one at least, and you may even find yourself cultivating a new passion.

When your sugar baby looks up to you

You could also serve as your sugar baby’s guide into new and unfamiliar territory. Don’t sell the younger generation short–many of them are actually quite well-rounded and astute individuals, and they have the advantage of the inherent curiosity of youth. If you have some type of lifelong passion or interest, or if you are thoroughly knowledgeable at something, your sugar baby may just be a willing novice who will eagerly draw from your considerable font of knowledge.

A time of discovery

It might help to look at your sugar dating relationship as a period of renewed discovery and exploration. It is rare that people find some new thing to discover later on in life, so you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity while you can. With the right partner, finding common ground may very well be one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys on which you could embark.

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