Sugar Dating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

You might think that getting into sugar dating is easy–and in a sense, it is. After all, how much more complicated does it have to be than signing up with a sugar dating site, checking the listings, and getting in touch with the sugar baby of your choice. Apart from that, there is also the need to ensure that you have enough money to cover the expenses of your sugar baby and that you are able to accommodate the demands of the lifestyle…

At this point, you are probably realizing that becoming a sugar daddy isn’t quite as simple as it may have initially seemed. There are many things factors that you will have to take into consideration, and many things that can go wrong. It is way too easy to make mistakes when you are entering the sugar dating world for the first time, and even experience is no guarantee that you will be able to avoid them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sugar dating mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Taking your partner for granted

One of the most common mistakes made by both sugar daddies and sugar babies is taking the other partner for granted. This can manifest itself in a number of different ways. Sugar daddies may feel that it is enough to merely provide for the material needs of their sugar babies, ignoring the fundamental need for respect and politeness. Sugar babies for their part may not take the role seriously, considering the sugar daddy as a meal ticket and nothing more.

Both these scenarios contribute to a recipe for disaster, and few relationships will withstand such negligence. If you wish to enjoy a satisfactory sugar dating relationship, mutual respect and a consideration of the other partner’s feelings are essential.

Taking advantage of the relationship

This is another common mistake that many sugar daddies and sugar babies are guilty of. As with taking partners for granted, taking advantage of the other partner within the boundaries of the relationship can come in many forms. Sugar daddies may use their sugar babies as little more than an emotional doormat or a sexual playing, placing unreasonable emotional or sexual demands without considering the feelings of the other party. Sugar babies may ask for more money than is agreed upon, either by falsely claiming some sort of urgent need or emergency or gradually making more and more demands on her partner.

Again, this so often boils down to simple respect, both for the partner and for the arrangement. Both partners will have to agree on what the relationship entails and they will have to respect that agreement. It may also be necessary to redefine roles and responsibilities periodically in order to ensure that the needs of each partner are still being met.

Unreasonable expectations

Most any relationship involves a certain degree of expectations that both partners have of each other. Sometimes however, these expectations become unreasonable. When that happens within a sugar dating relationship, trouble can’t be too far behind.

Examples of unreasonable expectations include demanding that sugar babies spend more and more time with you or that sugar daddies provide you with more money than agreed upon. It may also involve expecting a level of commitment or affection far in excess of what was agreed on when the relationship was being established. In any case, unreasonable expectations put a tremendous strain on the relationship, and it won’t be long before conflict erupts.

These situations can be avoided by discussing the terms of the relationship beforehand. Both partners will have to agree on what will be expected of each other, while leaving the door open for further “renegotiation”.  Further discussion may also be necessary if one or both partners fail–or neglect–to live up to their obligations. As with most forms of ‘damage control’, measures such as discussion and renegotiation of the terms should be done as soon as possible, before minor disagreements have a chance to escalate to a major conflict.

Playing a ‘role’

Another thing that many people tend to do within a sugar dating relationship is to assume some sort of ‘role’ or ‘persona’, which may be at odds with who they are in actuality. A sugar daddy may try to pass himself off as being wealthier or younger than he really is, while a sugar baby may pretend to be sweet and kind, only to reveal a more manipulative nature later on.

Apart from avoiding them, there is little that can be done about people that intentionally–and maliciously–present themselves as someone they are not. If you find yourself doing that with no ill-intent however, it may be helpful to consider the benefits of presenting a more accurate image of yourself. Any attempt at deception or pretense will likely fall apart sooner or later, and will very likely backfire on you. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have your sugar baby see you for who you are and accept you because of it?

Unrealistic relationship views

Many people are guilty of seeing the sugar dating arrangement as something more than what it actually is. In most cases, sugar dating relationships are business arrangements in which both partners benefit–nothing more. Sure there may be a degree of care and affection involved, and sex is often a part of the scenario. But in most cases, these are simply perks of the relationship rather than signs of some deeper meaning or significance.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that your sugar baby will eventually fall in love with you, and that you could spend the rest of your life with her. Such cases are exceedingly rare and more often than not, your sugar baby is simply doing what she is being paid to do. Enjoy the relationship for what it is, keep yourself grounded in reality, and you will have much less chance of getting hurt when the relationship inevitably comes to an end.

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