Sugar Dating: Your Partner’s Friends And You

At some point in the course of your sugar dating relationship, you will have to face up to one of the most challenging aspects of sugar dating: dealing with your partner’s friends. As anyone that has been in some sort of relationship will tell you, your partner’s friends will eventually come into the picture, and you will have to deal with them one way or another.

Now, you may be thinking what your partner’s friends have to do with anything. After all, you entered into the sugar dating arrangement with your sugar baby and not her friends, right? But the fact of the matter is that people are social creatures, and there is little chance that they will drop their social circle after they have hooked up with you. Apart from being exceedingly difficult, this is also unreasonable to expect from anyone, which means that you and your partner’s friends will inevitably cross paths.

Problem areas

Your partner’s friends don’t necessarily have to be a source of friction or conflict, but they most often are. Younger sugar babies are particularly prone to spending a lot of time with their friends, and this could spill over into the time that she should be spending with you. If this happens more often than is reasonable, or if she frequently cancels dates or engagements with you in favor of being with her friends, this could lead you to become resentful of her misplaced attention.

Some sugar babies may also have friends that encourage an irresponsible or even dangerous lifestyle. Fast and dangerous living is unfortunately quite common among sugar babies, and this could affect not only her life but yours as well.

It is especially problematic if your sugar baby is friends with drug users or people engaged in illicit or criminal activities. In such cases, it is almost certain that you will be affected by these associations directly or indirectly. Dealing with an inattentive or selfish sugar baby is one thing, but being in a relationship with someone who associates with criminals and/or drug users takes things up quite a few notches.

Overly-close attachments with friends can also take on a less-sinister–but no less annoying–form. Some sugar babies may think it is okay to have one or more friends come along with both of you on dates, which may seem acceptable at first. If this goes on more often than you wish and you often find yourself footing the bill however, what was initially an acceptable–and even appealing–situation can quickly get old.

Getting along

If you don’t find your sugar baby’s friends objectionable in any way, you might consider making an effort to get along. Avoiding friction is certainly preferable to cultivating an atmosphere of constant conflict and dissatisfaction, and you might reap some unexpected benefits from doing so. Your sugar baby will almost certainly appreciate you for being so gracious and accommodating, and you might even be able to enjoy the company of, not one, but two gorgeous, young women for your trouble!

The road to compromise

If getting along is impossible or unappealing to you, there is a middle ground wherein you and your sugar baby can meet. You can simply agree to have her friend or friends accompany both of you on your dates occasionally, but not every time. Preferably, you will want to have her clear these occasions with you beforehand. If you feel that her friends are tagging along with you both way too often, a gentle reminder that you would prefer to spend more time with her exclusively should be enough to set things right.

You may also talk to your sugar baby and get a commitment from her to be more reliable in terms of making time for you. Make it clear that canceling dates for no good reason is not acceptable, least of all if it is simply to spend time with her friends. Remember that you are paying your sugar baby to be your companion, and it is totally reasonable for you to expect her to adhere to the terms of your arrangement.

If you choose to take the path of compromise, it is important for you to put across the message that you care for your sugar baby’s feelings and that you take her need to be with her friends into consideration. If she is open and flexible to discussion, there really is no need to be inflexible and hardline about your demands. You will be able to attract more flies with honey, as the saying goes, and your sugar baby will definitely appreciate you making the effort to find some sort of mutually acceptable solution.

Agreeing to disagree

There are situations wherein finding a middle ground is not only unacceptable, but disadvantageous to you as well. In such a scenario, you and your sugar baby will simply have to agree to keep her relationship with you and with her friends separate. This could be the case if you find her friends too pushy or too intrusive, or if you simply can’t get along with them for whatever reason. In such a situation, it might better to simply not get into situations wherein you will have to spend a lengthy period of time together. This will help prevent friction and conflict between you and your sugar baby, which could eventually lead to a breakdown of the relationship.

There is no reason why you should have to get along with your sugar baby’s friends, but it certainly helps. If at all possible, the best course of action would be to make an effort to get along. Your sugar baby will definitely appreciate you more for it, and there are certainly benefits to being able to earn a “seal of approval” from her friends. As with most other aspects of sugar dating, open communication is a must, and you may find that a degree of compromise on the part of both partners is the best way to ensure a harmonious relationship.

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