Getting to Know Each Other

We know that you have been ecstatic because you finally find someone you think who can be a good match for you. We all know that it took you quite some steps and hurdles before you have finally reached this point. We’re happy for you! All those steps that you have taken bring you one step closer to finally finding the woman of your dreams.

So, you have finally matched with someone who looks and sounds amazing. You have exchanged a few messages in the past and you’re more than happy that you finally got her number so you can text or call each other anytime of the day. We know you have finally caught her attention with a great profile and that sexy conversation starter that piqued her interest right off the bat. Now, what should you do next to finally get to know her better? Here at, we wanted you to have the best of what life has to offer. Online dating is mysterious and we know that you have actually aced the first few parts in matching with an awesome woman who might just be your soulmate. On the next part of your online dating experience, we want to focus more on how you can get your awesome personality across without meeting with her.

Firstly, let’s define what online dating is.  Dating websites are a great way to meet people and widening your pool of potential partners and matches massively. It is an awesome avenue to communicate with lots of different types of people and finally meet those who shares the same values and interests as you. But, it’s important to remember that exchanging emails and texts constitutes little more than virtual flirting.  In most people’s minds, there is no real relationship, and so if your match suddenly slows or even stops communication, try not to take it to heart. And also remember that the worst thing you can do is over-analyse why they’ve stopped communicating. There’s no point, and it’ll simply drive you crazy – notch it up to experience and move on.

Dating websites are a brilliant addition to the evolution of dating as it is now more convenient to connect with people. This also works for those who are too busy with work that they seldom find the time to meet up with people. But with the exciting world of online dating, it also comes with new concerns on how to communicate the best of your personality with someone you’ve never met before.  And, how do you continue to do this up until your first real date – and beyond? In line with this, we will help you out in becoming your wingman in the world of online dating. Here are some essential rules to remember when meeting someone online

  • Initiate the conversation. You finally got her number and what better way to leave a lasting impression than to send her a sweet message and give her a call. You want to know her better so it is best if you initiate the first point of contact. Taking the time to call her to ask how her day is going is an amazing opportunity to prove that you are worthy of knowing better. So, send her a message today and remind her that you’re thinking of her!
  • Talk about your interests. We know you’re excited to let her know who you really are but much like traditional dating, it is still best to let her speak what’s her mind and what her interests are. Do not focus on yourself but be attentive enough to know what she likes and doesn’t like.
  • Be who you are but only better. Put your best foot forward and make her feel and see that you are an amazing guy. Be attractive and unique because you wanted to ignite her passion in getting to you better. Make it your mission to capture her heart by tuning in to her needs and wants. Of course, you wanted to move forward in asking her for a real date and to start a real relationship with her. So, show her what an awesome man you are!
  • Always keep in touch with her. You want her and you definitely want her to feel that she’s special enought that’s why you’re taking sweet time to getting to know her. We want her to feel comfortable about you and be a constant go-to person in her life. When getting to know each other, it is important to constantly keep in touch with her. Call her at least once a day or send her a message to remind her that she’s on your mind.
  • Keep the conversation interesting by sending questions to her that will reveal who she really is as a person. Make it witty with a line or two that can pique her attention. Shy away from boring conversations wherein you simply ask her day. Take the time to research on her intersts, hobbies and pet peeves to make her feel that you are truly interested with her as a partner. Make it interesting with sexy banters to keep the passion burning.
  • Beware the instant connection.When you start sharing personal information with someone, it’s easy to feel like you have made a deep connection straight away. You may be emailing each other a few times a day, looking forward to your match’s emails. But, never assume that this will mean you will have the same connection in person. They may not talk how they write, and the chemistry may not be there. You don’t want to leave with a broken heart, so it is best if you take all the time you need to finally see how she can be part of your life.

With these tips in getting to know each other, we are pretty sure that it will not take too long that you finally proceed with a date and in capturing her heart. We’re now done with the step 6. Are you ready to proceed further and get closers to winning her as your mate? If so, please read next.

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