Going Official

If your first date has gone well, you can then proceed to the next stage of your relationship: going official. If you thought that the first date was important, this is even more so! This is when you will agree to become a couple and formally assume the roles of sugar daddy and sugar baby.

Before taking the plunge

Before you make the all-important step of committing to a sugar dating relationship, it is tremendously important for you to determine whether or not you are actually ready to become a sugar daddy. Hopefully, you will have already given the matter a great deal of thought and consideration. Even so, now is the time to really get to the heart of the matter and to address any unresolved issues on your part.

Are you really ready to become a sugar daddy? There is the financial aspect to consider of course, and this is actually one of the most important concerns within the bounds of a sugar dating relationship. You will want to make sure that you are able to afford supporting your sugar baby in the manner in which she is accustomed for one thing. But you will also want to make sure that doing so will not leave you broke in the process. Remember that being a sugar daddy can be a costly proposition, and there may be a lot more to it financially than you had bargained for.

There are also the familial and social aspects to consider. Are you truly ready to have a sugar baby in your life? Doing so can have a tremendous impact on your personal life, and your friends and family members may not be as accepting of the idea as you would wish. If you have the slightest bit of hesitation as to whether or not having a sugar baby will fit into your lifestyle, now would be the time to address any issues and potential problem areas.

Laying out the terms of your relationship

Once all that is out of the way, you can then turn your attention to the actual nuts and bolts of the relationship as it pertains to your sugar baby. At its most basic, a sugar dating relationship requires you to support your sugar baby financially in any number of ways. Setting her up in an apartment or a condo is almost always a given, and this itself is a subject that requires a great deal of forethought and planning.

You and your sugar baby will have to come to an agreement as to whether you will purchase the apartment outright or if you will instead pay for all or part of her rent. If you do decide to purchase an apartment or a condo unit, you will have to agree on whether or not ownership will revert to you in the event of the dissolution of the partnership.

You will also have to determine what your sugar baby’s responsibilities are within the relationship. Is her role simply that of a companion for social functions or will you expect her to act pretty much as your girlfriend? Are you open to the idea of her seeing other people or do you expect her to be ‘exclusive’ to you?

What about sex? Is sex an expected part of the relationship or would you prefer to keep the relationship totally non-sexual?

Discussing the terms of the relationship in such clearly-defined terms might be a bit awkward and unnecessary, but it is essential for avoiding misunderstanding. In most cases, it is preferable to endure a brief period of awkwardness early on instead of later having to deal with a mess of problems that could have been avoided with thorough communication.

Communicating your concerns

Speaking of communication, now is the perfect time to lay all your cards out on the table and to communicate all your concerns. Nothing is too trivial or insignificant to discuss, and you may as well get it all out in the open now instead of leaving it to chance. Even a minor disagreement or some seemingly insignificant character trait that bothers you now could be a catalyst for a more serious problem later on, so you might as well address it before it has a chance to blow up.

Last minute assessment

You simply can’t underestimate the important of assessing your relationship every step of the way. Even if you feel that you have explored the situation from every possible angle, it is always a good idea to think it over one more time. Try to give it a few more days of thought before you make a decision one way or another. Some aspect that you may have deemed to insignificant a few days ago could be more important now.

If you have a trusted friend you can talk to about such things, it would be a good idea to discuss your plans thoroughly before making a decision. Other people may see things in a different light, and they often have a more impartial perspective that enables them to see things that you may have missed. Although you don’t necessarily have to go with the advice given to you by a friend, this will at least give you another point of view to consider and enable you to make a more informed decision that will hopefully be in your best interests.

Becoming a sugar daddy and taking a sugar baby into your life is not something that you should jump into headlong. Any decision you make should come about from thorough and rational thinking and a careful consideration of all the factors involved.

Don’t let your sugar baby pressure you into making a decision either. If your sugar baby can’t respect you enough to let you decide on your own, there is a good chance that she will not respect you enough to let you make your own decisions with regard to the relationship later on either. Take your time and act in your best interests, and you are much more likely to enjoy becoming a sugar daddy.

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