The Big Date

At this point in your sugar dating adventure, you have probably already pinpointed one or two women that have a good chance of becoming your next sugar baby. Everything that you have been working on up until this time has led you to that important even known as The First Date. Just like any other first date you have ever had in the past, this is a momentous occasion that will require you to be at your best and to show yourself off in the best possible light. As if it isn’t painfully obvious yet at this point, you’d better make sure that you don’t blow it!

Obviously, you will want to make sure that your potential sugar baby will have a good time and that she will be totally relaxed in your company. The last thing you want to happen is that your sugar baby feels ill at ease in your presence or that she feels she can do much better. You should therefore be on your best behavior and show off all your best qualities during this all-important occasion.

Learning more about your sugar baby

But the first date isn’t just about your sugar baby. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to find out if the image that you have built up about your future partner is accurate. Now is the first opportunity for you to find out what your sugar baby is really like, how she carries herself in a social setting, and how well you two will mesh together. You should therefore pay close attention to her mannerisms and her behavior, particularly with regard to how she treats the other people around you.

Body language is always a helpful indicator of a person’s personality. Someone who seems jittery or nervous around you in public probably will not make a good partner in a sugar dating relationship, nor will she be someone you will want to interact with for any lengthy period.

That being said, you do have to make allowances for some degree of awkwardness and nervousness on both your parts. Remember that a first date is likely to be a stressful situation, and you can’t very well expect anyone–including yourself–to be totally at ease on your first meeting.

Where to go

One of the most important factors in determining how comfortable you will both be with each other is the setting. This is actually one of the trickier aspects of setting up a first date. While you will obviously want to meet in a place that is suitably classy and comfortable, you may not necessarily want to go all out and take her to the fanciest restaurant you can afford.

In most cases, striking a good balance between classiness and comfort is the best way to go. A nice restaurant or a cafe with a not-so-stringent dress code is a good choice, but you will probably want to avoid places wherein the clientele typically dines in tank tops and flip flops.

You might also want to consider going to a coffee shop or a more casual outdoor restaurant instead. Such places are more focused on providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere as opposed to formality and elegance, and this might be exactly what you both need in order to feel more at ease. Such places will also help you avoid the awkwardness of having to sit through an entire expensive dinner if you find that you don’t hit it off.

You may also consider going to a bar, but such places might be a bit too noisy and too lively for close conversation. A quiet wine bar would be much more preferable than your typical frat-bro type of bar with sports on the TV and a blaring jukebox in the corner.

To dress up or to dress down

Although you will want to look your best on your first date, wearing your best suit might not necessarily be the best option at this point. If you are on older gentleman, dressing in a suit and tie might make you come across as too stodgy and too severe, which is not exactly the impression you want to make with a younger sugar baby. Of course, you will want to look good and dress appropriately for your age and the venue. A nice shirt and sensible slacks would be a good choice, and make sure to wear nice shoes as well. This will help you achieve the perfect balance between looking good and not being too straight-laced.

Planning ahead

Much of what goes into ensuring a great first date can be discussed beforehand with your prospective sugar baby. Don’t take on the burden of planning every little aspect of the date yourself. This will not only help you avoid undue stress, but will also give your date some control over the situation. By planning out your first date together, you will have a much better chance of ensuring that you are both comfortable with the experience.


If things go well, your first date will be only one of many that you and your sugar baby will enjoy together. If you two hit it off extremely well, you may just have a future together.

However, you should also be prepared for the possibility that you won’t be a perfect match for each other. Not all dates will lead to a full-fledged relationship, and it is unreasonable to expect that this first meeting will seal the deal. Expecting a first date to go much further in toward a serious relationship also puts undue stress on you both, and it could even cause one or both partners to shy away from having things progress further.

As important as a first date is, it is important to think of it as only one step of many that you will take in what is hopefully a rewarding sugar dating experience. Keep yourself open for the possibility of it becoming something more, but don’t hinge all your hopes on it either. As with most everything else, balance is essential for making sure that you get the most out of the experience.

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