Thinking of Becoming a Sugar Daddy?

Once a man has made his fortune, he wants the best of everything: homes, cars, watches, and clothes. This desire for the best extends to their female companions. Of course, all premium life experiences come with a price. Beautiful women who keep their bodies fit and their personalities interesting would understandably choose to spend their time with men who know how to value their worth. The sugar daddy life is not for every man. This life takes its toll emotionally, psychologically, and financially; however, the benefits of being with quality women far outweighs the troubles that come along with it.

Rewarding Oneself

Men work hard to get rich. Men work hard to stay rich. The bottom line is men put in a lot of time and effort to be able to afford the best of what life has to offer. As mentioned, this includes affording the time of a gorgeous woman who makes him feel the amount of his net worth. Who could possibly be begrudge a man the pleasures that the company of a beautiful woman could give? The answer is not a single person on earth because he deserves to feel good because he’s worked so hard.

Mindset of Investment Dating

Every man is a brand. He must market and differentiate himself from other men otherwise he would not get ahead. Being seen or being photographed with the right kind of woman elevates a man’s social status. When a woman is beautiful, it is natural for people to ask, “Who is this stunner”? Afterwards, their next question would be, “Who is the man beside the stunner?”. The assumption would be that the man with her is no ordinary man. He must be winning at life. People want to be around individuals who are successful. People want to do business with individuals who seem successful. Paying for the company of a ravishing woman is not merely a frivolous luxury rather it is an investment in marketing your personal brand. This is true even when the relationship is discrete. Dating a topnotch woman is known to boost not only a man’s mood but also his confidence. This could be useful in better performance in business, in sports, and in many other aspects of a man’s life.

Wealth as an Equalizer

Dating is too often governed by superficial factors such as six pack abs, age, and height. In the sugar daddy setting, wealth is used to even out the scales. Through it, men are given chances to showcase their intelligence, maturity, and kindness to women they desire. Once these women get acquainted to what is behind the external façade, they realize that these men are worthy of their love and true affection. A beautiful experience eventually comes out of the chance they would have otherwise not given.

The Privilege of Being in Control

There is no other setting where a man could have full control over the relationship. The benefactor would be able to choose his ideal beneficiary, the woman of his dreams without the hassle and frustrations of courtship.Within the relationship, the man would also experience full autonomy over his own life. He would be able to focus on his business ventures because he keeps his own time. He would be free to see other women as he pleases because exclusivity is not expected. In short, there would be no drama, no pressure, and no hassle. The relationship will go where the benefactor wants it to go. Provided he could take care of the needs of his woman, the man in this kind of relationship would have the fast lane for privileged type of love affairs that only a few enjoy. The experience is simply priceless.

Re-claim Youth and Vitality

The mind is a very powerful thing. To stave off old age and feebleness, a man must surround himself with youthful energy and positivity. Both could be obtained from a young, satisfied woman. This kind of woman tends to want to please her man in return. A pampered man always feels like he is Superman, beyond age and beyond decay. Moreover, the benefactor could also learn many things about himself and about the world from his beneficiary. For example, he might learn that he could still sexually satisfy women well into his golden years. Carrying this knowledge would certainly make the man feel younger by many, many years. This in turn would improve his mind and health.

No Higher Ground in Finding Love

So what if she was attracted to his money at first? With time, patience, and generosity, a man could make love bloom within this setting. He may even find his soul mate. It’s happened time and time again. The women cannot be blamed because after all aren’t we all just looking out for ourselves and our security? Truth be told, there is no clear cut path in finding love and happiness. The search of it is what makes life so messy. If money could be the solution for happiness, then its as good as any attempt as any. Men only live once. There seems to be only a few years in that short span of time. They should be left alone to be happy. The haters who find higher ground to condemn such relationships should be blocked off. These people do not find him; therefore, these people do not control his life. If a man chooses to be generous with his woman, no one should tell him to do otherwise.


A man knows he wants to be with beautiful women. A man knows he doesn’t want the hassle. Why does he deprive himself especially if he has the money and the power to make a certain arrangement? Having a sugar baby is worth it with the right outlook. The stigma on investment dating should be removed for many reasons. Supreme of them all is that other people and their labels do not get to dictate the correct way in finding happiness and love in this life.

Blog Post #2 Finding a Suitable Woman

Finding  women to take care of is a careful screening process. After all, a man does not want to take the wrong kind of woman under his wing. She could do all kinds of harm to his reputation and to his business even after the man has spent a fortune on her. To find out if a woman is compatible to be his sugar baby, here are some tips for the generous lover.

  1. She should be open-minded

Not all women are open to this kind of relationship. A lot of women aim to be married especially with a rich man. A man searching for the ideal sugar baby should be direct and explain the parameters of the relationship. If the woman expresses her discomfort, she is not fit for the role. In the long run, the man may only end up hurting her. It should never be the intention of the man to mislead or hurt the woman. Also, a hurt woman may cause harm to herself and to her benefactor. The man is looking for a woman who would make his life blissful and happy. He is not looking for a stressful woman.

  1. She should be intelligent but not calculating

Of course, she should be intelligent. Spending time with a stupid woman is annoying. What would they talk about when they’re together? It would also be embarrassing to parade a stupid woman out in public. The man has made his wealth because he is intelligent. His companion should be able to hold up a conversation. However, the man should also be wary of women who are too calculating. He may end up getting exploited. The tell-tale sign of women of this type is they devise ways for a man to do as she pleases sometimes through sexual favors or verbal threats.

  1. She should be sweet and caring

Since the man is being very generous to the woman, she should at least show him some measure of affection. It feels good to pamper a woman who reciprocates how well she is treated. The woman is expected to listen and care about what the man has to say. It is also ideal that she gives him her time and showers him with loving words, hugs, and kisses. When a man feels good, he can be very generous to his woman indeed.

  1. She should be discrete

The man does not want other people knowing about his business. Embarrassing information should not be made public especially if he is an important man who has a reputation to keep. The woman should know how to keep his secrets. The woman’s discretion is also a measure of her character. It shows that she respects and cares for her man enough not to put him in a compromising position. She should be made to understand at the start that keeping his secrets is essential to keeping the relationship.

  1. She should at least have goals

The type of woman a man is looking to take care of should at least have goals. She should at least be making a reasonable effort to reach said goals. A man would feel less proud of her if her only job is to be his girlfriend. He might get tired of her fast because she is not doing anything interesting with her life. A woman with her hand out is not a sexy woman. She should be responsible for her career in some measure. The man is there to pamper her, but she should be able to take care of herself even without him.

  1. She should be into maintaining her beauty and fitness

Men are visual creatures. They pick out women initially for their looks. It is also human nature for men to want to spend time with women they are attracted to. If a woman does not maintain her looks, the man may lose attraction for her. The very root of their arrangement in this kind of relationship is his attraction. He may feel less inclined to take care of her if he is no longer attracted, so should she make an effort to be beautiful and desirable for him. Otherwise, he may move on to spending on other women who do make the effort.

  1. She should be flexible to his time

The woman should be adjusting to the man in this relationship. He showers her with so much generosity it is only right for him to see her when he needs and wants her. A woman who keeps too tight a schedule may not be ideal. He might end up adjusting to her time. This defeats the entire purpose of arranging this kind of relationship. The man should feel like a priority at all times. He shouldn’t have to squeeze into her calendar.

  1. She should not be too promiscuous

A promiscuous woman may carry diseases. There are too many stories of men who catch venereal diseases from the wrong choice of woman. She might also be embarrassing to take out. She may have already dated all his friends such that the entire town are familiar with her bedroom etiquette. He may end up regretting that he met her in the first place. A man must make sure that the woman he is seeing is in some level prudent and respectable.

The bottom line is the woman that the man should have as his beneficiary is someone who makes him feel good about himself. She should add value to his person. She should not be the type of person who would cause him stress or harm. To find this woman, a man should be prudent. He should search for qualities. Once a man finds this type of woman, he should take good care of her. This is the ideal type of woman for this relationship. There are not too many of them. She is a real gem.

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