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As a sugar baby, signing up to a sugar dating website is always a bit of a crap shoot. Although reviews such as this one can give you an idea of what people think about a particular site, you never really know what you are actually going to experience once you become a full-fledged member.

Such is the case with, where most existing reviews paint only part of the picture. As it turns out, the site does offer a pretty good range of features and services, along with a fair chance of finding the match of your dreams. Like many other sugar dating websites however, isn’t perfect, and there are some things you have to keep in mind before shelling out the cash for membership.

Membership fee

As with most other sugar dating websites, membership is totally free for prospective sugar babies. This is generally because these sites typically want a higher female-to-male ratio in order to attract more sugar daddies. For men, the membership fee is $79 a month.

Based on the sugar dating websites that I have checked out, the fee seems to be a bit on the high side. While many sugar daddies may hesitate to pay such a high fee for membership, it bodes well for us sugar babies as it helps restrict the membership somewhat. A lot of creeps and casual surfers tend to want to check out women online for free, so having a membership fee of $79 helps ensure a higher quality of users. This means that we sugar babies have a better selection of candidates to choose from.

Chances of finding a match

A number of online reviews of seem to have a few complaints in common, one of the most frequent of which is the difficulty in finding a match. It’s not so much that there are no women available. Rather quite a few of the initial attempts at making a connection actually result in a meeting. Some of the women contacted don’t even bother to reply and the ones that do often come up with a condition or excuse not to meet up. Some have even asked for money even before meeting in person, while others are simply interested in a webcam show in exchange for money of course.

While those issues tend to affect sugar daddies more than sugar babies, I have to say that they don’t inspire a whole lot of confidence in the site for me either. When the membership base is comprised mostly of women demanding money outright or offering webcam services, the site’s reputation tends to suffer. This tends to turn off the more serious male customers, which means fewer choices in sugar daddies for prospective sugar babies.

Reputability of site members

The membership fee charged by tends to weed out the flakes and casual surfers from the serious sugar daddies. I was therefore able to find a pretty good selection of sugar daddies, some of which actually got in touch with me to set up a date after a few private message and email exchanges. There were a few obnoxious and overly pushy members that I wanted nothing to do with, as well as a couple of seriously creepy characters. In general though, I found that provided a fair selection of prospects for sugar babies looking for the right match.

This didn’t seem to be the case as far as female members were concerned however. As with most of the sites I review, I asked help from a male friend in order to provide a more complete perspective. As in most other sugar dating sites, he found that most of the features at were locked until he paid the membership fee. This is pretty much as expected, so he went ahead and paid the fee after a bit of convincing on my part.

This is where things turned a bit sour. After going through the standard sign up procedure and setting up his profile, my friend proceeded to send a few feelers out. Nothing too forward or pushy, mind you–just enough to show that he was interested. Needless to say, he was quite excited when a handful of women that he initiated contact with replied back within the next 24 hours.

Unfortunately, most of the women that did reply were obviously after something else other than a sugar dating experience. A little more than half of them were obviously cam girls, which meant that they were more interested in putting on a show than getting together for a date, much less a long-term relationship. Most of the others asked for money upfront, either to get the planned location of the date, or for some ridiculous made-up ‘emergency’. My friend is pretty familiar with the online sugar dating scene, so he obviously didn’t fall for those tricks.

Tacky presentation

One other issue I found with was the somewhat tacky and sleazy way in which they present the women. Check out the site for the first time you will likely get the impression that it is an escort service or some other sex-oriented site.

Now, I’m no prude. I certainly know what sugar dating entails and I am fully aware that most men are simply looking for a quick roll in the hay rather than a long-term relationship partner. But the way that presents its female members seems to suggest that we are all sex-starved vixens on the prowl!

I happen to know quite a few women who are members of the site (and a few more who are members of other sites) and I can assure you that isn’t always the case. Most of us are just regular women looking to establish a mutually beneficial arrangement with a willing (and financially-able) sugar daddy. To be presented as little more than hookers is therefore quite demeaning not to mention totally inaccurate.

Amazingly, the owner of the website has actually defended the depiction of women in that manner, claiming that more than 1,400 signed up on the day the ads were first posted. I seriously doubt that many women actually signed up, and the ones that did probably had reasons for doing so other than the questionable ads.

The bottom-line

If you are a sugar daddy, there might be something in for you. If you can manage to avoid the flakes and the cam girls, you may just be able to set up a meeting with a girl that has a good chance of becoming a sugar baby. For sugar babies such as myself however, there are just a few too many issues that prevent me from recommending wholeheartedly.

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