– A Complete Disaster Of A Sugar Dating Site Review: A perfect example of how not to host a sugar dating website.

Not all sugar dating websites are created equal. From slick and glossy premium services to sites that were seemingly created with a free site design template, there is a multitude of sites out there with one aim in common: to enable sugar daddies to connect with sugar babies.

Amidst all these sites of varying degrees of quality and competence, a few stand out for the excellence of their services and features. Greatly facilitating the process of helping sugar daddies find their matches, these sites are a joy to navigate and the high likelihood of finding an ideal mate is a definite bonus. definitely isn’t one of those sites. In fact, it is safe to say that this is one site that pretty much scrapes the bottom of the barrel. We’ve reviewed a number of lesser sugar dating sites to be sure, but even the worst of them had some redeeming qualities. Not so with, which is a perfect example of how sugar dating sites shouldn’t conduct their business. Read on to find out the gory details!

Club Bellamy at a glance bills itself as one of “the Top Adult Dating Service providers”. Right from the start, we quickly saw that this was perhaps a bit overstated…and that’s putting it nicely. There is literally nothing about this website that makes it qualify for “top” anything, unless poor site design, shoddy service, and an abundance of bots and fictitious accounts makes up your idea of “top quality”.

It was even more mystifying to read the site’s claims of having thousands of new members sign up every day, and millions joining the roster every year. Apart from the statistical improbability of this claim, we simply can’t believe that such a poor example of an adult dating website would be able to garner such a high membership count. We won’t even dignify the site’s claim of receiving hundreds of emails from “satisfied customers” every week with a reply.

Everything from fun and flirty chats to quick hookups

The site further claims to allow members to enjoy everything from flirty online exchanges to quick hookups with no strings attached. This is probably the only thing that has a glimmer of truth about Club Bellamy’s services, and it is theoretically possible to find someone who is willing to engage in those activities with you.

Now, we say “theoretically” because although there are supposedly thousands of members at the site, there is little to indicate that these are actually living, breathing humans. A large number of photos seem suspiciously like the stock photos one could easily call up with a quick image search on Google, with that airbrushed and Photoshopped look that screams “image library”.

A closer look at the profiles behind the photos all but confirmed our suspicions. Even more generic than the photos were the details and information include in these profiles, many of which seemed to be duplicates of others. There seemed to be an overabundance of “models” and “part-time actresses”, which suggested that a) these profiles were from women who aren’t at all serious about being sugar babies or b) that they were totally bogus accounts. Given our experience with many other websites similar to Club Bellamy, we would have to go with the latter.

Initial attempts at contact

Most reviewers of sugar dating websites–and certainly all serious sugar daddies–would have hit the back buttons on their browsers at this point. But in the interests of providing a more complete review, we went ahead and sent out a few messages to some of the less objectionable and less suspicious sugar babies on our short list.

As it turns out, we shouldn’t have bothered. The replies that we received simply confirmed our suspicions that is no place to find a serious sugar dating relationship.

The problem isn’t that we didn’t receive any replies to our messages. It was that most of the replies that we received were so obviously from fake accounts and bots. It was so disheartening that we totally gave up any hope of anything good coming out of this experience at this point. It was almost laughable how so many replies were obviously automated, and they were practically duplicates of each other just as the profiles were.

Most of the replies we received started out with a generic greeting. “Hi cutie!” and “Hey there sweetie!” seemed to be the overwhelmingly popular choices, and only one or two deviated from this formula. The rest of the reply then wasted no time in getting us to check out the other areas and features of the site, with no other reference to the message we initially sent.

Automated replies from bots and fictitious accounts are pretty much the norm for any sugar dating website. In fact, we would be hard-pressed to mention a site that didn’t at least have one or two such bogus accounts. But definitely takes the cake. Out of all the messages we sent out, not one of the replies that came back to us were from a real person. Not one. Surely, from all the thousands–make that millions–of members the site claims to have, there would at least be one or two replies from legit sugar babies?

Part of the largest online network?

The people behind also claim that the site is part of the largest online adult communities in the world. It even mentions the name of the network: The Dating Factory. Admittedly, we have come across the name before, although we can’t say that we have any experience with it.

Even so, given the poor experience we have had with thus far, we can’t really say that we have a lot of confidence in the claims that The Dating Factory is the “industry leader” in the online adult dating community.  Club Bellamy definitely isn’t a leader in anything, except maybe among bot farms!

User feedback

One final issue we have with the site has to do with its claim to provide excellent customer service. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and there is no way that this particular aspect of its services could improve our impression of the site. Emails we sent regarding the poor quality of the services and the unavailability of real sugar babies were left unanswered, which was no big surprise. We are also pretty sure that the negative user feedback we left would fall on deaf ears.

You can do much better than Club Bellamy

As if it wasn’t totally clear yet, is a sugar dating site that should be avoided at all costs. There is literally nothing good that we can say about this site, and you can easily do much better with most any other sugar dating service. In response to the company’s wish for users to have success in their online journeys, we can only say that the journey will definitely lead us elsewhere.

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