EliteMeeting.com – Elite Sugar Dating Site Has Serious Drawbacks

EliteMeeting.com is an adult dating site that claims to offer romance for “the wealthy and the beautiful”. Combining traditional and hand selected matches, the site is intended to provide members with the best chance of finding a partner.

As promising as the site seems to be at first glance, closer investigation revealed a number of serious issues that make it a less than ideal option for sugar daddies and sugar babies. Existing reviews that I found online also tend to be overwhelmingly negative, which leads me to believe that there many other better sugar dating sites out there.

Target clientele

Right from the start, EliteMeeting.com bills itself as a premium service intended for wealthy, successful, and attractive people. A quick look at the available profiles did show a majority of attractive men and women, although I’m not sure just how real these profiles are (more on that later).

The site clearly emphasizes wealth above all other factors. Among the details typically include in the profiles are income ranges and high-value assets. As a sugar baby, this information is potentially quite useful, making it easy to find suitable sugar daddies. Oddly enough however, the site doesn’t allow for searches based on these details.

Profile setup

Setting up a profile at EliteMeeting.com is similar to the process in other sugar dating sites. You can include quite a lot of details in your profile and upload as many photos as you want as well, all of which can be high-resolution. Although the profile setup process is fast and simple, the pages of the site tend to load rather slowly.

Site membership

There is a free membership option available at EliteMeeting.com, which of course restricts you to a certain set of features and functionalities. You have the option to upgrade your membership to VIP in order to unlock all the other features, but the price is pretty steep. This is especially the case after the first month, when the cost of membership goes up to $70 a month.

One thing that has to be said about the high cost of membership at premium dating sites is that they do tend to weed out the more casual users and the flakes from the more serious members. When looking for a sugar daddy, I would of course prefer to focus on those candidates with the financial means to pay for the arrangement. The $70 a month charged by EliteMeeting.com is quite a high price to pay, but you do get the advantage of knowing that anyone who can afford the price of membership will likely be able to afford to pay for a sugar baby.

Search facilities leave a bit to be desired

EliteMeeting.com’s search feature could do with a lot of improvement. Although members can include details about their incomes and assets on their profiles, you can’t search for members based on these criteria. Instead, you are limited to only being able to search for members by age, location, and gender. It’s strange that a sugar dating website that bills itself as catering to the wealthier set would omit such a capability, and it really makes it that much harder to find a sugar daddy that will meet certain financial requirements.

Warning signs

All these issues aside, EliteMeeting.com has a number of serious issues that immediately raised red flags with me. As I mentioned previously, the site seems to be populated with a large number of attractive members, many of whose profiles seemed to be too good to be true. One obvious clue is that some of the most suitable members supposedly lived in my community or very close to it. This is a common ploy employed by a lot of adult dating websites, and it is really based on your IP address more than anything else. I’ve been around quite a few adult dating websites in the few years I’ve been a sugar baby, and I can see right through these tactics at first sight.

Another thing that set off alarm bells is the section of the site that shows the members that have recently logged on. Practically all of the members in this section were sugar daddies that have joined EliteMeeting.com within the past couple of days. They were also a far cry from the wealthy and attractive sugar daddies that were prominently displayed on the other sections of the website.

I wanted to see what the site looked like from the vantage point of a sugar daddy, so I checked out a few of the sugar baby profiles as well. While most of the sugar daddy profiles seemed to be from actual legitimate members, the sugar baby profiles seemed to mostly be fake accounts. Most profiles contained only generic information and standardized greetings or nothing at all, and I even found a few profiles that had identical information right down to the personal details!

Admittedly, this issue is more of a problem for sugar daddies than for sugar babies. But like I’ve said so many times before, the presence of bots and fake user accounts really brings down the quality of the site in general. When prospective sugar daddies check out a sugar dating website and find it to be populated mostly by bots, they aren’t likely to stick around and pay for full membership. This means that sugar babies such as myself will eventually have less and less sugar daddies to choose from. The abundance of fake profiles at any sugar dating website is a bad sign all around, and really discouraged me from placing my trust in EliteMeeting.com.

Communication from other members

Amazingly, I got several emails from other members of the site, many of them from other sugar babies! This is especially odd because it is obvious from my profile that I am a female and that I am looking for a sugar daddy. It all became clear to me once I read a few of the emails, which contained generic text inviting me to sign up for a full account.

I realize that any sugar dating website is reliant on an active base of members in order to make money, but this type of marketing scheme is simply unacceptable. Anyone that is checking out the site on a trial basis isn’t likely to be encouraged to sign up for full membership after being subjected to this type of spamming. As for me, I certainly didn’t want to have anything more to do with the site at this point.

The final score for EliteMeeting.com

There really isn’t much I can say about EliteMeeting.com that will put it in a good light. The high cost of membership definitely isn’t worth it, and I strongly advise you to check out any one of the many other better sugar dating sites out there.

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