– Sugar Dating Site Is A Major Letdown bills itself as a dating service for “friends with benefits”. It is associated with a number of well-known adult dating sites including,,, and among others. Its main come-on is the so-called “Love Stars” program, which supposedly enables sugar daddies to connect with willing and available young women.

As it turns out however, there is hardly anything about the program that would make it appeal to the typical sugar daddy. And after thoroughly researching the site and its services, I found little that would appeal to me as a prospective sugar baby either.


A quick browse of the website revealed a pretty good range of features on offer. One of the most useful is “Interactions”, which enables you to see who has shared content with you, including albums and so on. There is also a “Notifications” feature that shows you who has viewed your profile, and a “Tempt Ads” section that has a list of personal ads.

Along with these are more ‘standard’ features such as your own profile section where you can upload photos and generally present yourself to the community, “Browse”, which lets you see other members’ profiles in turn, and an inbox where you can read messages sent to you by prospective sugar daddies.

All in all, the feature set of is what you would expect from a typical sugar dating site, with nothing really unique or outstanding. And from here, things quickly turn from ‘bland’ to worse.

Fake “Love Stars”

As a sugar baby, the biggest issue I have with concerns the “Love Stars” program. Supposedly intended to connect sugar daddies with ready, willing, and available sugar babies, this is one of the most deceptive scams perpetrated in the online sugar dating world. For one thing, the profile pictures of the supposed Love Stars are clearly fake and lifted from who-knows-where. Take a look at the profiles behind the pictures and you will see that they are filled with generic details and information that really don’t indicate the existence of an actual human being.

Although this would seem to be more of a concern of sugar daddies looking for a match, deceptive tactics such as these affect legitimate sugar babies such as myself as well. When sugar daddies log on to in search of real women are confronted with profile upon profile of fake users, they will eventually lose confidence in the site and stop coming. This reduces the number of options available to us real sugar babies. In the end, fake profiles and fake Love Stars really bring down the quality of the site and affect everyone equally.

Bogus notifications

Closer inspection of the site showed even more problems. I had a male friend of mine sign up for an account at just to see if he could hook up with a real woman. Unfortunately, the experience from the vantage point of a man isn’t any much better than mine. After sending out a couple of messages to a few seemingly willing women, my friend was disappointed to find that nearly all the replies he received were from fictitious accounts as well.

Interestingly enough, not all of these bogus replies were from women from the Love Stars program. You would therefore think that they were actually from real women. But the generic replies and the dubious pictures were similar to the generic, automated text in the fake user profiles, and he wasn’t surprised that nothing ever came about from these initial messages.

As for the one or two messages that he sent out to seemingly real women, he didn’t even receive any response at all. Looking at it from the side of a sugar daddy, this is obviously disappointing to say the least. It’s one thing not to receive a reply from women who you suspect to be fake accounts, and another thing entirely not to receive replies from even the seemingly legitimate women. If you can’t get a reply from the regular user base, you have to wonder what the point of the site is at all.

Deceptive emails

Making things worse is that the deception extends to your email inbox as well. After my friend had given up on the site in disgust, he was surprised to receive a couple of emails from supposed members of the site, none of which he had communicated with beforehand, In fact, none of the women had profiles that could be viewed on the website! This was a clear sign that there is something shady going on with, which appears to have no compunctions about trying to get people to sign up for their fishy website.

Pay up to find out…less?

Every single roadblock that you come upon at offers you the chance to unlock more features by paying the membership fee. The cost can be as high as $200.00, which leads you to wonder what exactly you will be getting for the money.

Of course, signing up for full membership in order to get access to all the features is a method commonly employed by many membership-based online services. This isn’t exclusive to the online dating scene by any means. But many such sites at least provide you with a good set of features and functionality for free so that you can get a feel for what the site is all about. This is definitely not the case with, and you will find that you pretty much can’t do anything without shelling out the dough first. And considering the less-than-favorable experience I had while checking out the basics, I doubt that the full membership will be much better.

The Terms and Conditions say it all

A lot of disappointment with could be avoided simply by checking out the terms and conditions beforehand, which is the case with most other sugar dating sites. Amazingly, the company admits to using bots right in this section! Requiring members to “understand, acknowledge, and agree” that “some” of the user profiles are fictitious or bots, the terms and conditions then claims that the Love Stars program is intended to “stimulate dialogue with users and to stimulate user participation”. That is almost too unbelievable for words, and I struggle to think how the use of bots and fictitious accounts can bring about any kind of positive experience on a sugar dating website.

A total disappointment with

There really isn’t a lot that has going for it, whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. As a sugar baby, I definitely wouldn’t want to be part of a site that employs such deceptive measure as a Love Stars program populated by bots. There are many other sites out there that don’t resort to such cheap tactics, and I suggest you check out any one of them instead of this site.

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