– Attractive Looking Sugar Dating Website Hides Serious Flaws is a sugar dating website that is much like any other–at least that’s what it seemed at first. Upon closer inspection, I found out that the site had a number of serious red flags, particularly in the way that membership is handled. Read on to find out what I mean, and why you should steer clear of this site whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby.

First impressions makes a good first impression with an attractive design that suggests a thoroughly professional operation. Slick and stylish, the website seems to have been designed with a lot of thought and planning in terms of how the various elements are placed. Everything is right where you expect it to be, and you don’t have to hunt around in order to find the sections you are looking for.

This is where things quickly take a downturn. The first sign of trouble was the video that automatically plays every time you browse to the site’s homepage. Intrusive and tacky, it is made worse by the outdated production value that seems out of place with the attractive design of the site.

I later found out that the video is actually an ad for the site itself, which wouldn’t normally be a problem if it wasn’t way too easy to click on by mistake. Of all the blatant advertising gimmicks that websites employ this has to be one of the most annoying. The site is clearly desperate to attract new members judging by their willingness to resort to such a blatant ploy.

Bogus “award”

It didn’t take me very long to find another attempt at deception employed by the site. The homepage also prominently features an award for “The #1 Sugar Daddy Site”, supposedly from an entity known as the “Cyber Dating Review”. This would normally be a good sign that suggests the reputability of a site, but the award turned out to be totally fictitious. For one thing, there is no link to an appropriate review site or to Cyber Dating Review.

Furthermore, an extensive Google search failed to turn up any mention of an organization known as “Cyber Dating Review”, which strongly suggests that it doesn’t exist. For a sugar dating website to resort to making up reviews from fake review sites is pretty low, and I should have hit the “back” button on my browser at this point.

Unsecured website

Nevertheless, I continued on for purposes of providing a more complete picture of What I saw next completed the picture indeed, but it is hardly a pretty one. Contrary to the claim posted on the front page that the site is secure, there seems to be no encryption employed whatsoever during the sign up process. The password required during sign up is not encrypted at all, and is readily visible as a cookie in my browser.

The implications of this discovery are serious to say the least. It is unforgivable for any site that asks for your personal information to employ such shoddy “security” measures, and it is even less acceptable considering that this is a sugar dating website. Customers of such sites expect their identities to be as securely protected as possible, which makes this omission even more objectionable.

As if that isn’t enough, I also noticed my IP address clearly displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Of all the wrong decisions that could be made in setting up a sugar dating website, this has to be the worst. Whether it is the fault of the design or security team or the administrative staff, it reeks of amateurism and really damages the credibility of the site.

Free? Not quite!

Upon noticing that membership to is free, I thought perhaps that I had judged the site too harshly. After all, what could one expect from a free site, right?

But here’s the thing: membership isn’t actually free! When you sign up at the site for the first time, you will be presented the option to sign up for a “free” Lifetime Membership…in exchange for your credit card information!

Why this information is required for a free membership is beyond me, but a closer look revealed that what you are actually signing up for is a two-day trial membership, with the option to sign up for a “Premium” membership at $50 a month!

It gets worse. There is also a statement to the effect that membership to the site entails a fee of $9.99 a month. This seems to be entirely separate from the Premium membership fee. What makes it all the more confusing is that this membership doesn’t seem to offer any benefits that you can’t get anyway with the Premium membership. Could it be simply another ill-concealed attempt to fleece an extra ten bucks off unsuspecting members?

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I also found out that any and all membership fees are recurring, which means that you will be expected to pay the same amount month after month unless you explicitly opt out of the site and cancel your membership (more on that later).

As an added bonus, fees are billed by an entity known as “Big Gay Cocks Exposed”. This has to be the most tasteless and tactless thing any commercial website could do, and it is even much lower than most any sugar dating website would resort to. If you were hoping that you would be able to keep your sugar dating activities on the down-low with this site, you might as well give up on any such illusions if you are gullible enough to sign up for membership.

Bogus members

As if it wasn’t obvious yet, is also let down by the quality of its clientele. Bogus accounts, bots, flakes, and all manner of unsavory characters are what you will find here, and you would simply be wasting your time trying your luck.

No way out

There really isn’t a more subtle way to say this– is the worst sugar dating website I have ever reviewed. Even opting out is an ordeal, as there is seemingly no easy way to cancel an account. I had signed up for an account just to be able to provide a more thorough review, but the extremely unpleasant experience compelled me to ask for a full refund. In order to do so, I had to go through a long and arduous process of filling up forms and sending them out, only to find out I had to reverse the charges with my credit card company. In the end, I was only too glad to get away from, and I strongly suggest you don’t even bother with the site.

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