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I’m going to get right to the point: is a standout in an online sugar dating scene filled with copycat websites, flaky services, and outright scams. Established to cater to the sugar dating needs of an elite clientele, it is the best of the very best in the adult dating arena. Whether you are a sugar daddy looking to find the perfect match or a sugar baby in search of a wealthy partner, you can hardly do better than MillionaireMatch.

Of course, quality comes at a price, and in the case of, that price is pretty steep. For the privilege of enjoying the highest quality service possible from the sugar dating world, you will have to shell out a considerable sum. Let’s take a look at what has on offer.

An elegant and well laid-out website

As a sugar baby, the appearance of a website counts for a lot. First impressions last, and if I am turned off by a site at first glance, I probably won’t be back. Right away, I was impressed by the appearance of the, and I was struck by the sheer elegance and classiness of the entire presentation. Rendered in stylish charcoal gray with elegant gold accents, the website is about as professional as they come. After having checked out far too many tacky and tasteless-looking sugar dating websites, the visual style of is a refreshing change indeed.

I also appreciated having all the necessary features easily accessible without having to do a lot of clicking around. Logging in is easily done via the link conveniently provided at the top of the main page, and there is an option to sign in via Facebook as well for added convenience.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one via the window at the right of the page. You will be asked to provide details such as gender and country of origin, and to specify whether you are looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. Sugar daddies will be asked to provide income or financial status details as well.

Quick search

One of the more welcome features at the site is the “quick search” function, which lets you quickly find potential matches in your area. Many sugar babies don’t necessarily want to go to another city or part of the country to find a sugar daddy, so this feature is definitely a welcome convenience.

Good selection of wealthy members

Of course, the most basic requirement for any sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy is financial stability. Let’s face it: we sugar babies are looking for someone who can support us financially, so finding someone who is capable of handling that requirement is a top priority. This is where stands out from all the other sugar dating websites. Because of its focus on catering to the elite range of sugar daddies, you are reasonably assured of a wide selection of wealthy sugar daddies to choose from.

Excellent reputation also differs from other sugar dating sites in that it actually has a quite good reputation. Reviews of the site tend to be very positive, with the few complaints mostly having to do with its high membership fee. The site’s homepage also prominently displays the logos of several reputable news and media organizations, among them Forbes, CNN, CBS, and The Wall Street Journal. That the site has been covered favorably by such outlets is a sign of trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Member verification

Further enhancing the reputability of the site is its strict member verification procedure. Members are asked to provide details such as education, employment or type of business, and income range. Furthermore, this information is verified for truth and accuracy. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of such a stringent verification process in terms of ensuring the credibility of a site and its members. As a sugar baby, I have to say that it is very reassuring to know that the members of a sugar dating site are who they say they are and that their claims are backed by pertinent details.

Free trial membership

Although it is a “luxury” site, has a trial membership period which it offers for free. This allows prospective members to see what the site is all about before committing to a full membership. This is always a welcome feature at any sugar dating website, and the fact that a luxury site offers it as well is a nice touch.

Of course, the free trial period allows you access to only a limited set of features. Although you will receive messages sent to you by paid members, you will not be able to reply to these messages or send any of your own until you have paid up. In any case, this is a pretty good way to find out what to expect when you do sign up for a full membership.

The cost of membership

There’s no getting around it: the price of membership at is pretty steep. You can become a “Gold” member for a minimum monthly fee of $70. For a three-month membership, the cost is $135. Paying $210 gets you a membership of six months.

Now keep in mind that although the cost is pretty high, this does have some advantages, particularly for sugar babies. The high cost of membership means that flakes and casual surfers are pretty much excluded, leaving only a selection of sugar daddies that are able to afford the fee. Think of it as a sort of exclusive club in which the rabble is automatically turned away at the door.

You get what you pay for

For the price of membership, you do get all the perks that come with one of the finest sugar dating sites in the online world. Even the basic one-month package gets you premium service that you simply won’t get anywhere else. The site’s search feature is excellent, allowing sugar daddies to search for you by location, physical features, and even your financial requirements. I found that this tends to speed up the process of making a connection considerably, and sugar daddies will know what you are looking for right away without a lot of clarification necessary.

The verdict for

Clearly, is a site that stands well apart from the competition. Premium service, a topnotch user base, and a generally elegant and classy presentation make this one an excellent choice. However, the cost of membership might turn you off, so if this is an issue, you might prefer to choose a sugar dating site that caters to the less elite crowd.

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