– Just Another Typical Sugar Dating Website is a sugar dating website that loftily claims to be the “the number one free sugar daddy dating site”. In a sugar dating scene populated by sites of varying degrees of competence and professionalism–along with some pretty promising sites–that is a tough claim to live up to for sure. Unfortunately, falls so far off the mark that I can’t even recommend it in good faith. Read on to learn more about why this site is best avoided by serious sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Poor ranking

The first sign of trouble is the low ranking of the MintedBaby website. As determined by a quick check with site-ranking service Alexa, is much less popular than other websites in its category. This itself isn’t a sure sign that a website should be avoided, but it does suggest that there is something to MintedBaby that makes it a less than ideal option for prospective sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Scarcity of features

A look at the MintedBaby website itself offers little to change this perception. The site is surprisingly barebones and simple, with few of the features and functionalities that you would typically expect from a sugar dating site. It is certainly a lot sparser than you would expect from a site that claims to be on top of the sugar dating heap!

Again, simplicity in itself isn’t a clear indication of a site’s poor quality.  But these are only a few of the many factors that led me to believe that MintedBaby is far from the ideal site that its creators claimed.

Simplicity is only one of the issues that I found with the website. Some of the forms and text also did not display probably, suggesting that there is something amiss with the coding of the website. This is a sign of a less-than-professional approach to the site’s presentation, which itself strongly suggests that there may be other problems lurking about.

Among the few features that are available are the ability to perform rudimentary searches and to leave offline messages to other members that catch your fancy. Although welcome, these features don’t really offer anything special above those offered by other sugar dating websites, and they don’t really do a lot to uplift the image of MintedBaby considering all the issues that I’ve found. The search feature in particular is quite poor, and almost useless.

Ease of Use

If there is one thing good I can say about it is that the site is pretty easy to use. Some of this is due to the design of the site of course, but I’m sorry to say that it is mostly due to the scarcity of most of the features and functionalities that one would expect from a sugar dating website. The ease of use is in fact something of a Catch 22. While it is a good thing that the site is so easy and simple to get around, I would have preferred to have access to more features even at the tradeoff of a slightly more challenging user interface. is accessible via computer from any web browser or from a mobile device. I did not notice any difficulty using the service from my mobile phone, and it seemed that most of the features available from a computer browser–sparse as they are–can be accessed from a cellphone as well.

Members profile claims that all member profiles are reviewed by site personnel. This is yet another of the few factors that place in a good light, as it at least promises to cut down on the number of bots and fake accounts that are trying to pass themselves off as legitimate sugar daddies or sugar babies. The effort is much appreciated although considering the less-than-professional approach apparent in the other aspects of the site, I have to wonder just how effective this preventive measure might be.

Members may upload as many pictures as they want, which is odd considering that most of the profiles I saw in my initial investigation showed only one or two photos at most. This either means that most of the members of are wary of readily revealing their images online, or that there are far fewer legitimate members than they claim. In any case, this was yet another strike against the site, and I was very nearly ready to give up entirely.

Members are limited to 150 characters of text in their profile description. This is a lot more restrictive than the limits placed on members of other sugar dating sites, some of which allow an entire page of text. The only reason why I don’t find this so objectionable is that there are so many other issues with the site that the limited space for text in the profiles pales in comparison.

If there is one more positive point in all this, it is that pornographic images and provocative words aren’t allowed in profile descriptions. This actually helps maintain a semblance of respectability with the site, and it should be a welcome factor for those that would prefer to maintain discretion with regard to their sugar dating activities.

Customer service

Customer service is provided via email feedback. No phone support, no chat support–just email. To be honest, I had just about given up on finding anything good to say about at this point, so I doubt that the presence of more fully featured customer service functionalities would change my impression to a more favorable one anyway.

The final verdict for

About the only good things I can say about is that the site is free to use. Even so, the claims of being the number one site for sugar daddies is greatly exaggerated, and I doubt that it even comes to close to the majority of sugar dating sites in existence. The scarcity of typical sugar dating website features, the crippled search functionality, the poor site design, and the overall tackiness of the presentation has me convinced that there are so many other worthier services out there.

If you are a relatively new sugar daddy who simply wants to check out what sugar dating is all about, I suppose there is little risk in checking out Keep in mind however that you get what you pay for, and in the case of MintedBaby, you might actually get much less than that. As for sugar babies such as myself, I could only advise that you steer clear of this one and go for any one of the many much better sugar dating websites online.

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