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Sugar dating is a great way to meet someone that you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to meet in real life. Sites such as provide an opportunity to connect with sugar daddies or sugar babies with comparatively little effort.

As a sugar baby, I fund that sugar dating sites provide an invaluable service, enabling me and others like me to ‘shop around’ for sugar daddies online in a relatively discreet manner. Compared to hitting the singles bars, sugar dating sites tend to be a lot safer and more convenient, with the added bonus of allowing me to maintain a degree of privacy.

Unfortunately, very few sugar dating sites actually live up to their promise, and reality often falls short of expectations. This is unfortunately the case with, which don’t really offer any significant benefits for sugar babies such as myself. In fact, I don’t think that even sugar daddies will have a lot to gain by signing up for this service. Read on to find out more about

Target market caters mainly to the English and Irish markets, although members from other countries around the world are welcome. Support is provided for several different languages in order to cater to this international clientele.

Ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies

One of the first signs that this was probably not the sugar dating service for me was the text that claiming that there were four sugar babies to every sugar daddy. Interestingly enough, text elsewhere on the site also categorizes “successful men and women” as sugar daddies. This seems to suggest a more equal division of men and women in the RichMeetBeautiful membership. In reality however, it was pretty obvious that there are more men than women members at the site, and that the service is focused more on appealing to sugar daddies.


Something that redeems RichMeetBeautiful somewhat is an option known as “Arrangements”. This essentially enables members to connect directly with other members and communicate exactly what they want. This is a refreshing change from other sugar dating websites, where the path from initial contact to first date can take several steps and last for days or weeks. With “Arrangements”, you can get right to the point without the uncertainty and ambiguity of other sugar dating websites.

Now keep in mind that this direct approach isn’t for everyone. Some sugar babies–particularly those new to the sugar dating scene–might balk at the idea of being propositioned right off the bat with no pretenses at social conventions.

Personally, I appreciate the directness of the Arrangements at RichMeetBeautiful. I have spent far too much time communicating with sugar daddies only to have it all come to nothing.  Admittedly, I sometimes cringe at how forward and crude some of the members can be. Compared to the uncertainty of other sugar dating websites however, this is an acceptable trade off.

Sign up process

The sign up process at is pretty easy and straightforward. Members are required to provide details such as age, location, body type, dating preferences, and other information typically asked by most other sugar dating websites. Male members will also be asked to provide information about net worth and annual salary.

I understand how some sugar daddies may resent being asked such personal and private information. However, it is important for sugar babies to know that any prospective sugar daddies they entertain are able to actually afford having a sugar baby. While sugar daddies may not be open to sharing such information, I have to say that as a sugar baby, this sort of detail is exactly what I need to know.

Sugar babies are asked to provide detailed information as well. The most significant of this is what type of lifestyle we are interested in living. Presumably, this is intended to help match us up with a suitable sugar daddy. On the one hand, I liked being able to propose a sort of price on my services. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure that I would have the opportunity to meet as many sugar daddies as I could with this sort of built-in restriction in place.

Member anonymity

One thing that many members might appreciate is how focused is on preserving the anonymity of its members. Although sugar dating isn’t exactly new–and has in fact become part of mainstream culture over the past several years–not everyone is as accepting of the lifestyle as you would hope. In the same way, not everyone is eager to let the world know about their sugar dating activities. therefore offers a good opportunity for people to meet sugar daddies or sugar babies while still keeping this part of their lives private and free from judgment.

User activity

Perhaps one of the most worrying things about is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot going as compared to other sugar dating websites. Although it claims to have a healthy base of members, there was little sign of the activity and interaction among sugar daddies and sugar babies. I got the feeling that the seeming popularity of the site was somehow exaggerated, and it suggested that isn’t quite the ideal place to find a perfect match.

Paying for extra features

Like most other sugar dating sites, allows members to check out a barebones set of features for free for a certain period. In order to perform any significant actions however, sugar daddies will have to purchase credits or sign up for a subscription. Sugar babies are also subject to similar restrictions. Sending messages to sugar daddies can be done at no cost, but credits will have to be purchased if we want to send anyone virtual “gifts”.

This wouldn’t normally be an issue if the trial period at least offered users the opportunity to utilize a more comprehensive set of features. As it is, there is very little that can be done without signing up for a full membership or purchasing credits. Even then, I am not quite sure that what you get in return is worth the cost.

The verdict for

There are some things about that would make it seem appealing for those looking for a basic sugar dating service. The opportunity for sugar babies to send messages for free is a definite plus, as is the focus on preserving user anonymity.  Beyond that however, there is little that makes the service stand out from other sugar dating websites on the scene. The relative scarcity of user activity and the seemingly exaggerated user base also gave me cause for concern. Overall, I cannot really recommend, and would advise you to check out other services instead.

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