Sugar Daddy Dating: The Way Meant It To Be – Sugar Dating The Way It Was Meant To Be Review: This sugar dating website stands apart from all others.

I’m going to come right out and say it: is at the top of the heap as far as sugar dating websites go. You only have to look at a few sugar daddy reviews in order to realize that the site has quite a favorable reputation in the online world, even in sites that are notoriously critical of sugar dating services. The team behind the site clearly has done something right, and its approach described as “just like regular dating, but better” is obviously on the right track. Read on the rest of this review to find out why SecretBenefits might just be one of the best sugar daddy sites around and why it can be a good choice for sugar babies as well.

A true-blue sugar dating website

One of the most refreshing things about this site is how proudly it upholds the sugar dating banner. Unlike many other sugar daddy dating sites that attempt to conceal or downplay the true nature of their services, it has no qualms about presenting itself as a sugar dating website. It might also help that the site is a legit sugar dating service instead of a front for escort services or cam girls like so many other sites.

Of course, being a purely sugar dating service, it is not where you should go if you expect to just flirt with other members online or engage in some other type of casual online encounter. Sugar dating–and sugar dating only–is what the site is all about, and as a sugar baby, I appreciate both its focus and its honesty in presenting itself as what it really is.

Signing up

As many website reviews attest, the sign up process is about as easy and straightforward as you could expect from a sugar dating website. All you really need to provide are your email address and personal information such as height, the color of your hair, body type, and ethnicity. You will also be given the opportunity to specify your preferred username by which other members will know you.

Like most other websites of this nature, this site offers free membership. What makes it so different from other sites however is that you can access pretty much all of the features of the service even with just a free account sign up. It is almost standard in the industry to offer a free trial membership with a drastically cut down set of features and functionalities, but I found no such restriction with this site.

Users have the option to provide more detailed information after they sign up if they wish. Profiles can include a wealth of information including eye color, education attainment, relationship status, and information about whether or not you drink or smoke, and any tattoos or piercings.

Another aspect wherein the site bucks the trend is that uploading photos is purely optional. Of course, this limits the chances of prospective sugar daddies finding you based on your photo, but I do appreciate having the option to keep my appearance private until such a time as I am ready to share it with a potential sugar daddy. You can even designate photos of your choice as ‘secret’, which allows you to share them only to specific members. Review: This sugar dating website stands apart from all others.

Member verification

Speaking of members, the site employs a similarly non-intrusive verification procedure. This will require submission of a photo, which makes total sense to me. Verification does come with a number of advantages, not the least of which is the enhancement of your reputation among site members. If you wish to be able to attract as many legit sugar daddies as possible, I strongly suggest that you get your account verified.

The process itself is as simple as could be. Among the requirements for the photo are that you have a sign displaying the word “Secret” along with the current date. Members who wish to be verified are also requested to show their faces clearly, and to wear the same clothes that they are wearing in another photo submitted to the site.

Purchasing credits (Pricing Plans)

While membership is free, most actions will require the use of credits which can be purchased on an “as needed” basis. Credits are priced very reasonably, and the benefits that they provide are considerable. According to the site owners, this system will be later changed over into a subscription-based model. As it stands however, the credits-based system provides a good deal of functionality, giving you the opportunity to contact any member and send as many private messages as you wish.

  • 100 credits – $59.00
  • 500 credits – $169.00
  • 1000 credits – $289.00

While on the subject of credits, I strongly suggest that you purchase them in bulk. Purchasing credits on an “as needed” basis tends to prevent you from taking action immediately, whether you want to say “hi” to someone or get chatting immediately. The next best thing to free credits, purchasing in bulk gives you the freedom to do most anything you want to do on the site in instantly, and it saves you money in the long run as well.

Search functionality

One of the best things about this sugar daddy dating site is its fully-equipped search feature. Quite a bit of functionality is provided for in this feature, with users given the ability to hone in on members to a considerable degree. You can search for members by physical characteristics, age, hair color, body type, height, and even location. You can also filter search results based on the availability of a photo. Even without the convenience of a mobile app, the search functionality goes a long way in making the site much easier to use. It is rare to see a search feature this comprehensive in a sugar dating website, and it is a definite plus for me to see that this site offers it.

Customer service

Another plus in the website’s favor is the company’s proactive approach to providing customer service. During the course of checking out the website in preparation for this review, I never had to get in touch with customer support even once. For me, this was a testament to the excellence and professionalism of the team behind it. Even on Reddit, the excellence of the company’s customer service is frequently cited.

So how did I know that customer service was so excellent? The clue was in the many reviews of the website that I found online. A few of those reviews had some issues that needed to be resolved with regard to the site’s services or features, which is pretty normal as far as sugar dating websites go.

But what really impressed me was how readily reps jumped in to address those issues. This indicated that the team was interested enough in providing quality service that they would go to the extent of monitoring user feedback, even if it was on another website. I doubt that many other sugar dating services would go to such lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, and this type of focus earns the site high marks in my book.

The final word about it is about as perfect a sugar dating website as anyone could hope for. Every aspect of the operation suggests sheer professionalism and a consistent focus on uplifting the standards of the sugar dating industry. An absolute joy to use and offering the potential for some promising results, I highly recommend that you check out this site whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. With all the results that you will get, I guarantee that you won’t ever want to delete your account!

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4 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy Dating: The Way Meant It To Be

  1. I’ve had nothing but good experiences at this site. I signed up for an account on the recommendation of a friend, and I don’t regret it one bit. I was a member of another sugar dating site previously, and it was just one disappointment after another: flakes, creeps, fake accounts…you name it. The cost of membership was the final straw that made me check out other options, and I’m glad I did.

    Secret Benefits has been great at helping me realize what is available out there in the sugar dating world. I’ve met a lot of eligible sugar daddies at this site and have already had one long-term arrangement. Although that relationship has since ended, we parted on a positive note, and I am eager to start looking for a new sugar daddy. With the favorable experience that I have had on Secret Benefits, I have no doubt that I will be able to find a great companion again very soon!

  2. “Great.” I thought, “Another sugar dating website”. That was my initial reaction after browsing to the Secret Benefits website. After checking out the listings of available sugar daddies in my area however, I began to get the idea that this wasn’t your ordinary sugar dating site. The listings were abundant (but not excessively so), well organized, well laid out, and packed with detailed info. Upon perusing a few profiles more thoroughly, I gradually came to the realization that this could very well be one of the better sugar dating services out there.

    It wasn’t until I had sent out a few messages and set up a few encounters that I became certain. What I found really great about this site was that the sugar daddies I met were all real people, with a genuine desire to be sugar daddies. Compared with other sites where I was dodging creeps left and right, this was practically sugar dating paradise! I’ve since found a wonderful man who is now my sugar daddy and I just thought I’d share my favorable experiences with this site.

  3. A fabulous sugar dating website that no sugar daddy should miss! I’ve been around my share of sugar dating sites over the past several years, and most of them have been big disappointments for one reason or another. I’ve even been a paid member of many high-profile sugar dating services, but none of them come close to what Secret Benefits is able to provide.

    I especially liked being able to view multiple profiles at the same time. Only the highest priced services offer this feature, and they don’t have the wide range of sugar babies that Secret Benefits offers. This feature makes it easy to compare sugar babies at a glance, so I was able to quickly make a short list of likely candidates. Messaging is also fast and simple, and I was surprised to find replies from actual sugar babies! No bots and fake accounts here as far as I could see!

  4. My friends had already been telling me about Secret Benefits for a few months, but I’ve waited until now to give it a try. My first reaction was: “Where have you been all my life!?” This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a sugar dating service, and I can’t believe I wasted my time at all those other crappy sites lol!

    Like many other sugar dating sites, Secret Benefits is free to use for women. But men have to buy credits in order to do pretty much anything, including sending messages and so on. I think this is a pretty good system, and a good alternative to the membership fee charged by other sites. Because men have to pay to initiate contact with a sugar baby, the flakes and casual window shoppers are pretty much automatically weeded out. This means that there is a better chance of being contacted by a legitimate sugar daddy. I’ve only been around for a week so I can’t say for sure, but so far, Secret Benefits seems like a great site.

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