– Sugar Dating Website And App Delivers Lackluster Experience is one of the most unique sugar dating services around, combining a comprehensive website with a full-fledged app. Users are able to access the full range of services either from a computer browser or from a mobile device, allowing unparalleled flexibility and convenience for the modern sugar daddy or sugar baby.

I have to admit I was intrigued by the sugar dating model offered by SudyApp. After all, it isn’t often that a sugar dating service offers the ability to access its features and functionalities from a mobile phone. As a modern sugar baby who is always on the go, I definitely appreciated the promise of convenience that the service provides, and was looking forward to checking it out in detail.

Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t as favorable as I expected. Almost as soon as I started using SudyApp, I noticed a number of issues and omissions that got in the way of a truly enjoyable experience. Read on to find out what I mean.

A promising start

My experience with SudyApp began promisingly enough with a first glimpse at what seemed to be a very well-laid out website. Stylish and subtle, the website had an appealing look and feel that invited further exploration. I especially liked how easy it was to get around the various sections of the site, thanks to the splendid interface and user-friendly design.

It was also encouraging to see so such a large membership base, especially considering that SudyApp is a relatively new service. Furthermore, it seemed that most of the members are actually real people, with only a few obvious bots and fake accounts. This is always a good sign, and suggests that there could be something more to SudyApp than your typical sugar dating website.

Viewing profiles

One thing that made me a bit concerned is the fact that the only sugar babies’ profiles can be viewed. This shows that SudyApp is more focused on attracting the sugar daddy market, which might turn away some sugar babies. If you are okay about having your profile on public view but not have the ability to browse sugar daddy profiles as you please, there might be something in SudyApp for you. As for me, I would prefer a more level playing field.

Member verification

There is a process implemented for verifying site members, but it is rudimentary at best. Members are required to provide a photo of themselves holding a sign saying: “Sudy”, which is about the extent of the member verification process employed by the service. As to whether or not this will turn away dedicated scammers is doubtful. However, it may serve as an effective deterrent for casual surfers and those that aren’t serious about having a sugar baby.

The App in detail

The best way to make use of the service by far is via the app. This is an especially convenient option if you would rather not have to log on computer in order to access a sugar dating service. Available from the Apple Store and Google Play, the app can be used immediately after download, enabling you to make use of all the available features.

Loading the app calls up a splash screen which is visible only for a few seconds, after which you will be presented with the main page. Two tabs–one of which is labeled “Moments” and the other “Nearby”–covers most of the features of the service. “Moments” consists solely of a feed where you get updates on recent events. The “Nearby” tab displays a list of sugar babies in specific locations.

Sugar daddies are able to send messages to sugar babies of their choice or give out “Sugars”. These are the SudyApp versions of the “likes” on Facebook. The more likes you get, the higher your ranking is on the roster of SudyApp sugar babies.

Other SudyApp features

The site allows the filtering of listings based on certain criteria. Results may be filtered by age and location for instance. Listings may also be restricted to members that were online within a certain period. This is one of the most comprehensive search features I’ve seen in the sugar dating world, and it really helps to offset some of the less appealing qualities of the service.

Also useful is the “Tapit” feature, which allows you to quickly sort through the listings and separate the positive prospects from those you wish to discard. Swiping left lets you discard specific profiles, while swiping right allows you to retain your choices for later.

Other features include a message screen where you can read messages you were sent, a “Me” screen that displays your profile, and an audio recording feature that lets you record an audio clip and attach it to your profile. This is a great way to add some personality to the person behind the photo, and really enhances the typical user profile.

Gold Coins

In addition to determining rankings via the number of “Sugars” received, SudyApp also ranks members based on Gold Coins. I wasn’t quite sure what these Gold Coins were for considering that there was already an existing ranking system in place. It is also worth noting that Gold Coins are purchased rather than earned or given by other members.

SudyApp members

As I said previously, only the profiles of sugar babies are readily available for display with SudyApp. This makes it difficult to determine just how large the membership is, not to mention to choose from a selection of sugar daddies. This isn’t so much of an issue with sugar daddies of course, but as a sugar baby, the inability to select sugar daddies based on criteria such as age, location, and income level make this something of a deal-breaker.

Membership cost

Perhaps the biggest issue that one could have with SudyApp is the cost of membership. A one-month membership costs $59.99, while three months will cost $119.99. In order to avail of the benefits of membership for six months, you will have to pay $179.99.

Verdict for

At first glance, it seems that there isn’t really a lot to complain about with SudyApp. The convenience offered by a mobile app is a definite plus, and the search feature is about as capable as they come. As a sugar baby however, I couldn’t help feel that this is a service that is better suited to sugar daddies. Even for sugar daddies however, there isn’t really all that much special about SudyApp apart from the convenience offered by a mobile app. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that SudyApp should be avoided, I would encourage you to check out other sugar dating services that offer better services and features at a lower cost.

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