– Best To Avoid This Sugar Dating Site review: This site offers nothing that could be of value to anyone is a sugar dating website that aims to provide an online venue wherein sugar daddies can meet sugar babies for the purposes of hooking up and possibly establishing a long-term relationship…at least that’s what the site’s premise supposedly is. The reality is that its pages are saddled with so many issues and problems that we can’t really see any reason why anyone would want to bother finding their match there. If you are planning on using the site and you are expecting a smooth and trouble-free sugar dating experience, you are in for a lot of grief.

A bold claim

A lot of the problems associated with using wouldn’t be so objectionable if it wasn’t for the overly eager way by which the site advertises its services. The site’s body text proudly claims to offer “someone for everyone”, which would be a good thing if it were actually true. The site goes on to encourage sugar daddies to not settle for “second best”, which is all the more questionable considering the scarcity of feasible options in legit sugar babies available on the site.

Anyone can join in

It’s an absolute mystery to us how any sugar dating website can continue to operate without any type of member verification process whatsoever. Even the common practice of allowing sugar babies to sign up without the need for verification raises a few eyebrows with us, so you can imagine our surprise when we found out that the process of becoming a member at is equally lax for sugar daddies.

Although it would seem that the ease in which one could become a member would be welcomed by many sugar daddies, it does have a strict disadvantage for legitimate members of the site in general. With just about anyone allowed to get in, there is a good chance that bogus users would soon overrun the place. We’ve seen way too many sugar dating sites where there is similarly little control over admission, and the one common characteristic they have is a chaotic and ill-organized online environment. This is pretty much the case with, as we will explain further on in this review.

Fake profiles everywhere

As expected, the membership roster of is absolutely filled to the rafters with fake accounts and bogus users of all types. Upon first browsing the member list, we were admittedly pleased to find hundreds of options, many of whom were supposedly living in our immediate vicinity. So we sent out a few ‘feeler’ messages in order to better gauge what we could expect.

That’s when things turned sour. It’s not so much that we didn’t get any replies to our initial messages–we certainly got plenty of those–but nearly all of them were clearly automated replies, most of them with generic offers to check out the rest of the site’s services! We actually received quite a few replies wherein the text was a word-for-word copy of other earlier messages we received. We don’t know whose idea it was to send out so many automated replies but we can definitely say that they aren’t fooling anyone!

To be fair, not all of the replies we received were from bots. We did get two or three replies from actual human sugar babies, but these did little to improve our impression of One blatantly came out with an offer to host a webcam show in exchange for money. Even if we were interested–which we weren’t–the price was too outrageous too even mention here. Besides, that was definitely not what we signed up for, and we resented having to deal with such offers on what is supposed to be a legit sugar dating website.

The other replies where equally disappointing. One simply wanted a quick hookup for a few hours and it was pretty obvious that she was a professional hooker. The other was a totally bizarre character who jumped right in and asked for $500 even without any discussion as to what we could expect in return. Needless to say, we bailed on that one as quickly as we could!

We didn’t feel like trying out our luck any more after that and who could blame us? Even with plenty of other options to try, we were pretty sure that they would all end up pretty much a bust.

Membership cost

For anyone who is desperate enough to sign up for membership at, the cost of monthly membership is about $21. This should be a fairly reasonable amount to pay for the privilege of enjoying a quality site for a month. But given our early impressions with, the site definitely doesn’t qualify as “quality”, and we definitely didn’t enjoy our experience.

The site does offer prospective members the chance to check out the listings, but that’s about all that you can do with a free trial membership. Even the most basic functions such as sending a short message requires a paid membership, which was yet another in a long list of disappointments.

The only reason why we were able to check out what has to offer is that there is also a weekly membership offer of $6.93. We thought that this is a fairly small amount to blow on a sugar dating site regardless of the outcome, but the poor experience we had at made us begrudge even this measly sum. In any case, we consoled ourselves by thinking that it was money well spent if only for the fact that it convinced us to avoid spending any more at this thoroughly disappointing site.

The verdict: Avoid at all costs

Try as we might, we simply can’t think of any reason why anyone would want to waste their time at Even if we spent just a little more than a day checking out the site’s different areas (there really isn’t a lot to explore), sending out messages, and fielding replies, we definitely felt that it was too much time wasted. As it was, we should have just heeded the advice on so many sugar dating review sites telling us to avoid this one.

Don’t be fooled by the packed member list either. If your experience is anything like ours, you will find that most of them are bots and fictitious accounts along with the odd flakes, wackos, and even a scammer or two. There are many other sugar dating websites out there that you would be much better off trying your luck in, and we wholeheartedly recommend that you avoid this one at all costs and give those others a try instead.

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