– Sugar Dating Site Is A Let Down

After already having reviewed several sugar dating sites, I was quite excited at the prospect of reviewing This is because–as you might have guessed from the name–the site is geared specifically for women who wish to become sugar babies. Most sugar dating sites are equally welcoming of men and women of course, but it’s pretty obvious that most are geared towards men. It is therefore a refreshing change of pace to be able to review a sugar dating site that caters mainly to women.

Unfortunately, my excitement quickly gave way to disappointment once I began digging around in earnest. There are a number of serious issues with the website, particularly in the way that membership accounts are handled. Read on to find out what I mean.

Pressure to sign up

Shortly after browsing to the site, I was immediately confronted with an offer to sign up for a premium account. “Offer” is actually putting it lightly, as the way it was presented almost made it seem as if I had no choice in the matter. Although there is a free trial period of three days, I couldn’t help but feel pressured to sign up for a premium account right away. This needlessly pushy in my opinion, and gave an unfavorable first impression of the site right off the bat.

Ghost accounts

Moving on, my hopes lifted somewhat when I saw that had a pretty sizable member base. There are a lot more profiles available for view as compared to most other sugar dating sites, which suggested a higher-than-likely chance of finding a perfect match.

Things seemed to be looking up even after I had set up my profile and uploaded a couple profile pictures. I got a pretty good number of messages within 24 hours, which is more than I normally get from other sites. This is where things take another downturn.

I sent out a few friendly replies to some of the sugar daddies that appealed to me and waited to hear back. Imagine my surprise when none of them replied back! I thought I was onto something good and was really looking forward to pursuing some of these initially favorable prospects. It was then that I realized that many of the profiles I had responded to were fake!

Now being pressured into signing up for a premium account is one thing, but shelling out money for such an account only to find out that there is nothing ‘premium’ about it is something else entirely. You have to wonder if the people behind the website are simply trying to get as many people as possible to sign up, even if it means deceiving them about the number of members already on board.

Bogus sugar baby profiles

At this point, I really should have given up and walked away. But at the same time, I was compelled to stay on because websites catering specifically to sugar babies are few and far between. So I did a bit more digging around and began checking out profiles of other women.

Now I have been around more than a few sugar dating sites and I can quickly tell the legitimate accounts from the bogus ones. It was pretty obvious that a lot of the profiles from supposed sugar babies are fictitious. The generic text, the lack of any really significant details, and the personal photos that are almost too perfect are dead giveaways. Out of the 50 or so profiles I checked out, more than half of them were obviously fakes.

Disappointing sugar daddy selection

Okay, that’s not exactly the end of the world. After all, I’m here for sugar daddies and not sugar babies. Surely there are more favorable prospects among the male members of the site, right? Wrong again! The sugar daddy selection of proved to be just as disappointing as the sugar baby pool from the standpoint of a man, and there seemed little chance of finding the sugar daddy that I had been hoping for among the scant offerings.

Unlike the sugar baby selection, the problem with the sugar daddy lineup isn’t so much that the profiles were from fake users or fictitious accounts. Rather, very few of them seemed to fit the mold of the ideal sugar daddy.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: what is an ‘ideal’ sugar daddy anyway, right? Surely there isn’t any one set of criteria by which sugar daddies could be judged, which means that there should be at least a handful of members that have a chance of being favorable prospects.

Unfortunately, I can’t even say that about the slim picking available on offer at More than a few of the men seemed hardly capable of holding down a job much less supporting a sugar baby. True, there were a few that seemed to be promising. But I assure you that they were in the minority.

Unsecure profiles

A glance at a few online reviews of revealed an even more worrying problem. Several reviews mentioned the possibility that profiles at the site may not actually be as secure as could be expected. One user reported entering his own log-in information, only to be directed to someone else’s profile! This person had full access to the other account, including photos, personal messages, and personal details. He could even edit the other person’s personal details if he wanted to (he claims that he didn’t)!

This type of security breach is pretty much unforgivable, and strongly suggests the inability of the site’s operators to protect their member’s sensitive personal information. How are we to know then that our information is secure? Obviously, the answer is: we can’t.

Membership cancelation woes

At this point, I had enough and simply wanted to get away from, even if it meant giving up on a sugar baby-friendly website. But there was yet another disappointment in store, and I realized that I couldn’t opt out of the free three-day trial membership! This meant that I was going to be charged the membership fee even if I didn’t want to join. I tried several times to cancel my account to no avail, and the deadline for membership was looming. I finally had to call customer support and was able to–after a long wait–cancel my account.

The team behind clearly cares very little for the needs of their customers and is mainly interested in having you sign up for a premium account. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if there seemed to be some benefits to signing up for such an account, but I can’t say that is true at all. I don’t know about you, but this sugar baby is looking for another sugar dating website.

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