What’sYourPrice.com – Novel Approach To Sugar Dating Fails To Meet Expectations

WhatsYourPrice.com takes a slightly different approach to sugar dating by billing itself as a virtual marketplace for buying and selling dates. This automatically raised red flags with me, as I generally prefer a more personal arrangement than simply charging a fee for my company. However, I was intrigued by this somewhat unique approach, and was compelled to find out more about the service.

Initial research

As with any other sugar dating site, I began my review of What’sYourPrice by checking out the homepage of the site itself, as well as a few reviews that were already online. My initial research revealed that the website has been featured in a number of prominent publications including Forbes, Time, the Daily Mail, and a few others. The company also claims that more than 650,000 men and women have already gone on dates after signing up for the service.

After a little more digging around, I found out that WhatsYourPrice.com was actually created by the same company responsible for establishing the more famous dating site SeekingArrangement.com. Based in Las Vegas, the company has been rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau.

So far so good, but it was interesting to note that most of the online reviews that I dug up were overwhelmingly negative in their assessment of What’sYourPrice.com. “What was the reason for the reason for this disparity?” I wondered.  After checking out the site for myself, I soon found the reason.

The What’sYourPrice.com business model

WhatsYourPrice divides its clientele into two groups: “Generous” members and “Beautiful” members.

Generous members are essentially men that are willing to pay for the privilege of going on a date with young and available women. After finding a woman that he would like to meet, the member sends an offer. If it is accepted, initial contact can be made for the purpose of arranging a date.

Beautiful members are the women that are paid to go on a date. After contact is initiated by a Generous member, the woman has the option to accept or decline the offer, or negotiate further.

As a sugar baby, this approach seemed to be acceptable to me. I have to admit I was initially skeptical about the prospect of dating being arranged in such a strict and businesslike manner, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Being able to reject an offer or negotiate the terms further provides a lot of leeway with regard to how I will be compensated for the date, and I appreciated the flexibility.

Signing up for membership

Signing up at What’sYourPrice.com is a fairly simple process, with the typical profile set-up procedure required. A “dummy” account option is provided, for which there is no waiting period. Of course, this allows only a limited set of features and functionality. If you wish to enjoy all the benefits that membership has to offer, you will have to sign up for full membership, which entails a 24-hour approval period.

The fact that 24 hours is required before an account is approved seemed to be a good thing. After all, it does enhance the credibility of a sugar dating website to have such a seemingly stringent approval process, which suggests that not just anybody can get in. However, I do wonder just how thorough a 24-hour approval process can be in terms of determining the financial status of a Generous member.

Privileges of membership

Paid membership of course comes with privileges, among which is the opportunity to browse the available profiles and find a potential date. Generous members that take a fancy to a Beautiful member can then send a quick notification called a “flirt”, which signifies his interest in establishing communication. When the woman accepts the flirt, an offer for a date can be made, and negotiations can begin.

Generous members are given a certain amount of credits, which are used in most every function of the site. After the first date offer is made for instance, further communication will require the use of credits. All subsequent communications will use up credits as well.


The number of credits that you receive is dependent on the type of membership you sign up for. With the $50 membership fee, you get a total of 100 credits for you to use as you please. Paying $150 will get you 450 credits, while $250 will get you a whopping 1,000 credits.

You may also have your account upgraded as a Verified member by paying an additional $50 fee. This isn’t absolutely necessary, although it does tend to enhance your reputation in the community somewhat.

Keep in mind that charges are “non-recurring”. I was a bit confused about what this meant initially, but later found out that it has to do with the credits that you have in your account. After you run out of credits, you will have to get more in order to keep using the site’s features. This seems to me a bit unfair, as you have no choice but to keep paying more in order to use the site’s services. In contrast to other sugar dating websites that simply require you to pay a one-time membership fee, this seems to be a more costly option.

Dating guarantee

What’sYourPrice.com does offer a “dating guarantee”, which should make the terms a bit more acceptable. This basically ensures that all Beautiful members are real people, and that any negotiations done in the interest of setting up a date will in fact result in a date. Presumably, this is a safeguard that protects Generous members from being victimized by women that are simply out to extort money or to offer cam services or some other type of service outside the intent of the site.

Unfortunately, this dating guarantee doesn’t seem to hold a lot of credibility. One of the most common complaints I’ve found with regard to What’sYourPrice.com is the large number of women asking for money without actually committing to a date. I’ve also read about women offering cam services to Generous members, which is precisely what the guarantee is supposed to guard against.

The verdict for WhatsYourPrice.com

I had pretty high hopes about What’sYourPrice.com initially, particularly with regard to how the dating process is handled. Being able to negotiate the terms or reject them outright seemed like a good idea, and I welcomed the flexibility that this approach provides. However, the overwhelmingly negative reviews made me hesitant to put my trust in the site, and I imagine that most men will feel the same way as well. As a sugar baby, this will obviously limit the number of options I have available to me. I would therefore advise you to check out some other sugar dating website.

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